Meeting his parents - e.b

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Y/n Nott x Enzo Berkshire
Warning: nothing just kissing
Word count : 414 words
It was christmas once again and this year was so special to Enzo as his Girlfriend was meeting his parents for the first time in 2 years.

Y/n was pacing around her room frantically shaking her hands looking in the mirror telling herself everything will be okay, that's when Enzo walked in and said "you ready cupcake?"

"Enzo i don't know if i can do this..w-what if they hate me" Y/n replied.

"Y/n Faye Nott!" he yelled "no one and i mean no one could hate you. Your so nice how couldn't they love you trust me come on now we have to leave or we will miss the train" Enzo said as he grabbed her bag and walked out the room.

*On the platform/ train*
Y/n's leg was shaking as they approached platform 9 3/4. Once they did Enzo shot up out of his seat and grabbed his bag and handed her her's from off the seat. "Come on my love we're here" he said as he pulled her in for a kiss and they walked out and off the train onto the platform.

His parents wanted to meet on the platform but Enzo said no because it would be too crowed so to wait at his house and they'd apparate there.

*Enzos house*
(imagine his house to be a bit like burrow with pigs outside it if you know what i mean)

They apparate to outside his door which Enzo then knocks on he wraps his arm around her waist as his mother opens the door "Hi Enzo it's good to see you baby" she said as she hugged him "and ohh you must be the famous Y/n Enzo talks about you all the time dear tells us how beautiful you are and how kind and well i can see that's all true" Enzo's mum said pulling Y/n into a tight warm imbrace. Something Y/n never had before with anyone but Enzo and Theo.

"Hi Mrs Berkshire it's nice to meet you Enzo always tells me how good of a cook you are" Y/n said laughing as Mrs Berkshire joined in laughing and so did Enzo.

"Well come on in you two and Y/n please darling call me  Elsie" she said as she let both Enzo and Y/n into the house.

sorry it's short x

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