One bed trope - part 2 - e.b, d.m, b.z

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word count : 830 words
           Draco malfoy

You and draco had hated each other since first year so when the trip in sixth year came around you two begged every teacher not to pair you two together, but they did anyway they said it was a good was for you two to get along.

You opened the door to the room and saw draco standing there mouth open in shock, "what the fuck is wrong with you malfoy?" you ask genuinely concerned for once.

"there's one bed" he said

You started at the bed "well i guess your sleeping on the floor" you said

"what no i'm not if anything you can" he said

"is the floor not good enough for you mr royalty" you said walking infront of him to plug your phone in on charge.

He pushed your shoulders making you fall forward, "the fu" you got cut off by your back smashing against the wall.

"what did you call me?" he said pinning you to the wall

"malfoy get the fuck off me" you shouted

"no, not until you tell me what you called me" he teased

"mr royalty" you repelled again when you realised it made him go all feral.

He just started at you in silence before smashing his lips against yours.

You guys ended up having a full on make out, you were straddling his thighs while making out and didn't hear the door open.

Pansy walked in and saw you two on the bed mid make out, "holy shit" she said covering her eyes making you push draco away.

"i thought you two hated each other" she said

"i guess not anymore" draco said making you shocked as you thought the make out would be a one off thing.

"anyway, you guys know your the only room with one bed" she said as you two looked at each other

"so the professors did it on purpose and.." you began to say before draco interrupted

"it worked" he said

"i'm going now, i'm gonna let you two do your whatever and i'll see you at dinner" she said walking away and winking.
         Lorenzo Berkshire

You and Enzo had been arguing on who would sleep on the floor for about 30 minutes now.

"no it's okay i'll take the floor i don't want you to hurt your back" he said

"enzo let me sleep on the floor" you said, you actually couldn't believe that you two where arguing over sleeping on the floor you thought you'd argue who slept on the bed.

"Y/n i volunteered to let me sleep there it'll be better if you take the bed and that's final" enzo said walking over to you.

"enzo no it's no-" you began to say but enzo cut you off by pushing you against a wall and kissing you.

You had no idea what to do so you just kissed him back, he knew all along he was going to do that but he just needed the right moment, and the moment you and him argued over the floor and he wanted you to shut up was the perfect time.

You pulled away, "enzo what was that for?" you asked as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.

"i wanted you to stop arguing with me" he said "after that i think we can share the bed" he said before winking and walking away to unpack his stuff.
            Blaise Zabini

"Zabini why is there only one bed" you said turning to him

"i don't know y/n i ain't got the answer to everything"
he said pulling out a book and sitting in the chair

"ugh" you sigh as you go into the bathroom to have a shower.

You get out the shower and see Blaise laying asleep in bed. You sigh and grab a pillow which you place on the chair before getting comfy.

"just get in the bed y/n" he says in a deep croaky voice

Your stomach fluttered with butterflies, but you didn't get up. you heard him stand up and walk somewhere.

It wasn't until you felt his arms wrap around you and lift you up bridal style and place you in the bed. "won't get up i'll move you myself it's simple" he says as you blush.

He lays down in the bed next to you facing you as you closed your eyes, you felt his eyes staring at you "what have i got something on my face?" you asked feel self conscious

"i just want to kiss you so bad y/n" he said making you shocked.

"i don't hate you" he said "i genuinely like you. i really do" he said leaving you speechless.

You sat up and leaned down into him making his lips connect with yours.

His lips made their way to your neck as he started to suck on your neck definitely leaving marks that you knew your friends would see later.

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