When you get on you knees/ tie hair up in front of them

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and they think they are getting head (dating) - didn't fit in the title 😭

Warnings: swearing, smoking, drinking
Word count : 980 words


          Theodore Nott

You were in Theo's dorm he was playing Xbox with the other Slytherin boys (pretend they have Xbox) as you were laying in their bed he was sitting in his gaming chair with his legs in a manspread.

You notice a wheel on his chair is falling off as he looses and rage quits you decide to fix it you put your hair up and get on your knees in front of him "I-i got to go boys" he said on his headset as he left the Xbox party call and got ready, unbuckling his belt and getting comfortable "what are you doing Theo" you ask "I'm fixing the wheel"

"Oh shit I thought..." he stuttered

"Fucking horny bastard" you say "well I'm here now so I might as well you say pulling his trousers down and his boxers.

"I fucking love you princess" he says as you play with his tip.

             Tom Riddle

Tom was studying while you were watching tv in his dorm, you were drifting off to sleep until you heard a pen drop, which wakes you up. Tom doesn't notice that he dropped one of his pens so you decide to be the nice girlfriend you are and go pick it up for him.

You stood up and walked over to his desk you got on your knees and passed him the pen "thank you darling" he says before you try to get up, however he sees your on your knees and puts his hand on your head and pushes you down to your knees again, "you know princess I'm a little stressed right now" he says

"Oh yeah, I know something that just might help you" you say as he smiles and moves his chair back so you can get under the desk before pulling down his joggers as he went back to studding while you pleased him.

          Mattheo Riddle

You and Mattheo had a detention with Snape, you had to clean out his potions cupboard and re-label the potions he had in there.

Snape left the room and said he would be back in a moment, Mattheo was reaching on the top shelf not paying attention to you while ranting about something Draco said while you suddenly went from hair down and standing to hair up and  on you knees facing Mattheo "so then Enzo sai" he stopped as he saw you "I like where this is going" he said shutting the cupboard door.

"Seriously matt" you say "I'm not giving you head here"

"Whyy" he says like a toddler

"Because Snape's my uncle he'd kill me if he saw me giving you head, but I promise later I will" you say standing up and kissing him before walking out the cupboard to make labels "I fucking love you doll" he says

"I love you too Matt" you say smiling

            Blaise Zambini

You and Blaise had decided to go swimming at the black lake early one morning, you put on your bikini while Blaise had his swimming shorts on.

You put your hair up to stop it getting wet, Blaise had already ran into the water like a child before getting out again when he didn't see you.

"Hurry up baby" he said impatiently "I'm coming calm down" you say laughing "babe look you've got seaweed on your leg" you say while kneeling down to get it

"whey I didn't expect this" he says

"don't get too excited mister not yet" you say winking at him before dragging him into the water.

            Draco Malfoy

Draco and your friend group went to the astronomy tower for a little get together after exams to celebrate them being over and also to get fucking wasted.

It was around 2 am you and Draco weren't the drunkest people as you mainly sat on the edge smoking with Theo before he passed out.

You and Draco decided to clean up the mess so you wouldn't have to in the morning, you got on you knees did your hair into a messy low bun.

Draco immediately smiled looking down at you. "Mrs Malfoy maybe we should do this in the privacy of our own dorm" he said

"Do wh- ohh you thought I was- no it's hot up here" you say as his smile drops

"But I promise you as soon as we are back in our dorm, I'm all yours" you say drawing circles on his chest with your finger before kissing him.

"GEt a rooooom" a very drunk Theo says from the corner of the tower.

"Maybe we should take him back to his dorm" You say

" good idea" Draco says as he walked towards Theo

"Yes very goooood idea indeeeedddd y/n/n princess" Theo spoke causing you both to laugh

"Don't call my girlfriend princess Theodore Nott" Draco says.

        Lorenzo Berkshire

You two were sat in class when you dropped your pen under the table, "shit" you mutter to yourself you untuck your chair and go under the table.

For some reason the pen was the other side of Enzo so you crawled over there he looked down and gasped quietly "doll why are you gonna do this here" he asked

"Do what" you say from under the table "I'm getting my pen"

"Never mind I thought you were about to do something else" he said winking

"Really enzo I wouldn't do that here, you couldn't stay quiet" you say reappearing to your seat

"Wanna test that theory" he says before laughing at your shocked face.

The bell went and you and Enzo rushed out the class and found an empty room with a lock "ok let's test it then" you say before unbuckling his belt and getting on you knees.


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