Get Caught Mattheo -m.r

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Y/n Snape x Mattheo Riddle
Warning: smut
Word count: 830 words

You enter Mattheo's room, your enemy, getting ready to yell at him for flooding your bathroom.

The lights are off and his headphones are in he was  facing his laptop with his back turned to you.

You hear soft moans and whimpers escaping his lips and quick work of what you can only assume that he was masterbating.

You don't know what to do so you just stand in the doorway and watch him. You know he's your enemy but it's kinda hot....

Your curiosity getting the best of you. His whimpers are like music to your ears and your cunt throbs in response.

You can't help imagining if that's what he would sound like if the two of you.....

Mattheo notices you and quickly removes his headphones turning around to face you. He's got a surprised and embarrassed expression on his face.

"What the fuck are you doing here..I'm busy." He says in a cold tone trying to cover up the fact that he was caught masturbating by his enemy.

He closes his laptop slowly and moves it away to under his pillow.

You can't help but notice the big bulge in his pants and the way he's looking at you with lustful eyes.

"I can see that." you say

Mattheo's eyes widen in surprise as you enter the room. He quickly tries to cover himself up but it's too late. You've already seen his bigger than average cock. And for some reason you want to see more of it.

"What are you doing here.....And why the fuck did you just barge into my room like that?" he asks trying to maintain his cold tone.

You can see the lustful look in his eyes and feel the tension between the two of you. Even though you hate each other...right?

All your shame goes flying out of the window and you kneel in front of him "Want some help with that"

"You hate me though" he says

"I know but right now i don't" you said

Mattheo's eyes widen in surprise as you tug his pants down.
He quickly removes them and his boxers tossing them to the side.

"We are enemy's why are you going to help me" he asks

"Enemy's help each other sometimes and maybe we won't be enemy's after this" you say

You stroke his cock experimentally sliding your finger over the slit to tease him. He grunted. Mattheo's breath hitches as you stroke his cock. He looks down at you with lustful eyes nodding in agreement.

"Okay okay yea let's...lets fucking do it." he says leaning back on the bed and closing his eyes in pleasure as you continue to stroke him.

You open your mouth and push it over his cock as far as your gag reflex will let you. You start to bob your head up and down swirling your tongue around his sensitive tip any chance you get.

Mattheo moans in pleasure as you put your mouth over him and start bobbing your head up and down fast. His hands go to the back of your head holding you hair and pushing you deeper onto his cock.

"Oh my god...y/n...that feels amazing." he says between breathes completely lost in the pleasure.

You hum in agreement and hold his hip encouraging him to fuck your throat.

Mattheo's breath hitches as your humming sends vibrations over his dick.

He starts to thrust his hips forward pushing himself deeper and deeper into your mouth.

"Oh fuck...yes...just like that." he says lost in the moment.

You moan around his dick and hollow your cheeks sucking harder onto him.

Mattheo moans in pleasure as do you. His veiny hands gripping the sheets tightly.

He starts to thrust harder and faster getting closer to orgasm.

"Oh god...princess..I'm gonna cum." he says warning you before he releases into your mouth with a loud moan of pleasure.

You suck him through his orgasm his cum hitting the back of your throat. Before you pull off him.

"You're amazing." he says still breathless from the intense pleasure. "I've never felt anything like that before, fuck y/n i'm gonna reward you now" he says before pushing you down onto his bed and sliding down you underwear.

"Can i?" he asks as you nod.

He slides inside of you. You moan not realising how big he actually is.

"Fuck mattheo" you moan as he thrusts roughly inside of you.

Mattheo flips you over into doggy position and instantly finds your g-spot "Ughh...matt....mattheo" you manage to moan out lost in the pleasure

"Do you like that princess" he asks

"Yes" you say with a shaky voice "mattheo i'm close" you say before tightening around
his cock and realising.

"Well y/n i don't think we should be enemies anymore he says spinning you around and kissing you.


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