Miscarriage - t.r

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TW MISCARRIAGE!!, one mention of suicide
word count: 879 words
You and Tom had just finished arguing again, this was common but this time it was a lot more of a heated argument. He'd been paired with a girl who bullied you and made you try to kill yourself in 3rd year.


"NO I FUCKING WASNT Y/N/N YOUR JUST A JEALOUS SLUT WHO NO ONE DESERVES" he screamed back at you making the tears you'd been holding back fall onto your delicate skin.

"fuck you tom" you said as you stormed out his dorm slamming his door after you.

"shit...shit" tom yelled to himself before punching the wall blistering his knuckles, normally he wouldn't feel like this after an argument but this one was different.

You sprinted to Moaning Myrtles bathroom and sat in one of the stalls crying your eyes out, the words Tom said to you repeated over and over in your head each time making more tears fall.

You suddenly felt a sharp pain in your stomach.

Before the argument you were going to Tom's dorm to tell him you were pregnant, you knew he wouldn't have been happy but you didn't care.

"ugh fuck" you said as the pain got unbearable.

"uhuh is that your blood?" myrtle asks in her bubbly voice.

"what" you say as you look down to see your grey joggers covered in blood "shit oh fuck umm myrtle please go get pansy" you say shaking as you start to get a headache and it feels like your throat is closing.

Myrtle flys off and minutes later pansy comes sprinting in. "Oh my jesus...that's so much blood is it your period" she asks grabbing tissue so you can wipe your eyes.

"no...no pansy it's not my p-period i uhh i'm pregnant" you say "i only just found and i think....i've miscarried.." you say all think about all those plans gone, you and Tom could have started a family together.

"oh honey...stay here i'm getting madam pomfrey" pansy said as she ran out the door again.


You were all cleaned up and in the hospital wing balling your eyes out to pansy .

Madam Pomfrey had gone to Mcgonagalls class to get her.

"hello professor may i borrow you" Madam Pomfrey said to Professor Mcgonagall

"of course dear, guys just get on with reading page 298" she said before showing the class what to do

"have you seen Mrs Y/L/N and Mrs Parkinson around anywhere they should be in my lesson" Mcgonagall said which caught Toms attention

"that's why i need talk to you bout Mrs Y/L/N she's in the hospital wing at the moment in a state but don't blame her" Pomfrey said quiet but loud enough for Tom to hear

"Why is she there" he asked

"it's personal" Pomfrey replied

"i'm her fucking boyfriend i'm coming with you" he said ignoring them trying to make him go back.

They all got to the hospital wing where you were crying to pansy about loosing your baby, when you saw tom walk in your heart sunk.

"Hello thomas" pansy said

"Pansy" he said then he turned to you "baby sorry about our argument please don't hate me and tell me what happened"

"I'll go back to the dorm so you two can talk" pansy said

"we'll give you privacy..y/n i'm so sorry" mcgonagall said

"why's she saying sorry? Baby please tell me what's happening? Are you okay?" he was full of questions you could even open your mouth before you started crying again.

"come here darling" he held you close

"i'm so sorry tom, it's all my fault, i fucked it up" you said in tears

"nothings your fault just tell me what's going on" he said his heart skipping beats.

"i lost our baby" you say as he looks at you confused

"we don't have a baby" he said looking worried

"i was pregnant" you said looking at him with glossy eyes.

"was?" he asked his eyes filling with tears

"i miscarried...." you said as tears fell down his soft cheeks staining his face.

"baby....it's not your fault i'm so sorry i yelled at you..i made you upset and i put unwanted stress on you" he said "is that what you were going to tell me..that you were pregnant?" he asked

"yes that's before i, you know" you said looking down as tom grabbed your hand and held it tight.

"never and i mean never let me yell at you again and put stress on you, it's not your fault. i know i can be a real dick to you sometimes and i'm so fucking sorry you deserve the world and from now on that's what your getting" he said pulling you into a hug

"i'm sorry i lost our baby" you said again.

"it's not your fault" he whispered "i love you and can't wait to start my life with you" he said smiling through the tears

"i love you too tommy" you smile
I cried making this 😭 i personally love softy tom 🤭

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