Jelous Threesome - t.n + t.r

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Y/n Y/ln x Theodore nott x Tom riddle

Warnings: Threesome, detailed sex, swearing

Word count : 1134 words

"YOU KISSED HIM!" Theo yelled, "THEO HE KISSED ME AND WHY DO YOU CARE WE AREN'T DATING" Y/n yelled back before Tom walked in.

"It's true Theo i did kiss her" Tom said "See" Y/n replied before walking out of Theo's dorm. "I'm sorry mate" Tom said "It's alright don't matter just i need to ask you something.." Theo said looking down "Sure go on but be quick i need to go to class" Tom said as Theo looked up.

"Do you want to fuck her?" he asked

"What" Tom replied

"You heard me Tom, do you?"

"Well i mean she is hot and yeah it would be a good time" Tom said.

"Good to know" Theo said before leaving.

*At Dinner*

"Hey Y/n" Blaise said which caused Theo to stand up and walk over to her. "Hi blaise" she said "Theo you okay?" she asked as he grabbed her wrist.

"The-" she started to say before she was pushed against the wall and he smashed his lips onto her causing her to gasp.

"Meet me in my dorm 8pm."
Theo said and walked away leaving poor y/n breathless on the wall she ran back to her dorm and ate snacks she has instead of dinner anxious waiting for 8pm.


She decided it would be best if she wasn't late so she left early but still managed to be 2 mins late.

Theo was not happy about that.

"Hello Princess, Since you want to be a slut we are going to treat you like one" Theo said as Tom wrapped his arms around Y/n's waist he then travelled one hand up to her mouth and one hand down her joggers. "Can i" he said before doing anything.

She nodded her head.

Tom slipped his hand into her panties and instantly stuck two fingers into her and began to curl them.

Y/n moaned into Toms hand. "Now now princess can't have the whole common room hearing you can we?" Theo said as Tom took his hand off Y/n's mouth and Theo slammed his lips onto hers while Tom made hickeys on her neck.

Tom could feel she was tightening up so he stopped fingering her and they both pulled away.

"Strip." Theo said to Y/n, she started to strip starting with her t-shirt then her joggers she was left in just a bra and panties. Both Tom and Theo then began taking their clothes off as she slipped her panties down her legs and unclipped her bra. She could feel her nipples going hard because of the cold so she covered up her tits.

"No need to hide that beauty princess" Tom whispered in her ear as Theo slipped on a condom.

Without warning Y/n was pulled onto Theo's lap and his long hard dick entered her. She began moving up and down as he thrusted his hips up into her deeper. he grabbed hold of her hips to support her more before Tom got in front of her and pushed her head down onto his dick.

She moaned onto his dick which only made him push it in her mouth harder. She kept stopping herself from gaging. She couldn't take it anymore thankfully Tom released into her mouth and  slipped his dick out.

Theo however was still being ridden and he had deepened the thrusts making Y/n moan louder. He also began to moan. Y/n wondered where Tom was until she saw him slipping a condom on. Her thoughts ran wild.

*what the fuck was i thinking*

*should i be doing this*

*fuck it you only live once and they are both super attractive men*

Theo and Y/n both finished at the same time but before she had time to get her breath back Tom was now putting her in doggy position so he could fuck her from behind and Theo could now get a blow job.

Each time Tom pushed hard Y/n got Theo's full length Tom's dick was about the length as Theo's so it wasn't like a drastic change or anything.

"Y/n your making us both feel amazing" Theo said as he finished in her mouth he wiped come off her chin that didn't quite get in her mouth and once she swallowed he kissed her. Tom was still pounding into her. "Tom" she moaned as they finished together.

*fuck, two orgasms in one night lucky me*

She thought it was over but not yet..

Theo suggested they got a shower but Tom decided to go so he could get revised for his big test tomorrow morning. He kissed Y/n's head and apologised if he was too rough which he wasn't and thanked y/n for letting them do it.

Then it was just Y/n and Theo.

"why the fuck did that happen" Y/n asked

"come on you liked it" Theo said towering over her

"yea i did but a bit of warning would have been nice" she said before walking into the bathroom to shower

"oh princess come on you know you wouldn't have come here then and now i have you to myself. Now i can fuck you." he said as he pushed he against the cold shower door "if you allow me to" he said.

"yes Theo please" she begged as she stepped in to the showering pulling him in.

Theo slammed his lips onto Y/n's and slowly made his way down her jawline, to her neck then down to her tits and sucked on her tits. "mmm theo" she said before he stood up again then lifted her up and around his waist then quickly entered into her.

She moaned as he found her G-spot. "Have i found my goddess's sensitive spot" he said while deeply breathing. "y-yes" she managed to get out.

"well done to me" he said as he quickened his pace both of them a moaning mess as they came together for the third time tonight.

"Y/n." Theo said as he put her down, "yes theo" she replied

"listen i've liked you for a while now and i was wonder maybe did you want to be my girlfriend" he said nervously

" long have you liked me" she asked

"Since First year..." he laughed

"Fucking hell Theo" she laughed "yes i'll be your girlfriend only if you'll be my boyfriend"

"i'd be honoured" he said as they kissed before actually getting cleaned up.

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