Seeing you after hogwarts with a baby - part one

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Backstory : you two where together in Hogwarts then you broke up. But you found out you was pregnant and never told them because you wanted them to move on. But years later they see you in public with a baby.

Words : 973 words
           Theodore nott

You decide to go to visit Fred and George at their joke shop as they have helped you through the pregnancy.

As you were leaving you hugged Fred and walked out to see a familiar face. "Y/n" he said.

"Theo? is that you" you say pulling the hood of the pram over to cover your daughter.

"How have you been" he asked walking towards you. Your heart stopped. He was gonna notice her.

"I've been good, you?" you say breathing out a breath you didn't know you were holding.

"i'm good yea, i see you and fred have something" he said

"oh no i'm not with him, him and george have been helping me out" you say as he got closer.

"is that your baby?" he asked

"yeah she's mine" you say as he walked over "can i say hi?" he asked

"sure" you say hesitantly.

He looks over to see a smily baby. "she's adorable" he says "how old is she and who's is it"

"she's one" you say looking away "and shes.." you pause

"wait we broke up a year a- where you pregnant when we broke up" he said looking at you as you nodded your head

"why didn't you tell me" he asked tearing up

"because i wanted you to move on and i didn't want you to think i baby trapped you" you say as your daughter starts crying so you lift her up and rock her about.

"we have a baby" he says smiling

"don't you have a new girlfriend?" you say

"no i never got over you" he said rubbing the back of his neck "so you reckon we could try again for this little one" he asked as you looked up at him.

"sure" you say smiling.

You and Theo went on to have two more kids and got married.

              Tom riddle

Tom and you broke up because he wanted to create a dark side. Like his father did and he said you would get in the way so left you but you were 1 month pregnant.

two years later you bumped into each other at hogsmeade.

"mummy sweets" your son said

"one minute honey" you say as pansy and you talk about her new guy.

Tom comes round the corner and sees you holding a little boy.

"Y/n/n Tom is over there" pansy said as tom walks over.

"i see your plans failed" you say to Tom

"i see you moved on well" he said

"I'll take him to get sweets" pansy said as you gave her your son

"whose is he" he asked

"mine." you say bluntly

"yours and who else" he said

"you work it out tom...he's two we broke up two years ago" you say

"he's mine" he says smiling

"i didn't think you wanted kids" you say

"i didn't when i thought i would do this whole plan like my father but now i do" he said "can we try again" he asked

you said yes as your son ran out the shop "Auntie Pansy got me loads" he said running up to you "mummy who's that man" he asked

"that's your dad" you say as pansy smiles knowing you'll be happy again.

"hi daddy" he says

"hi" tom says smiling

You and tom got married a year later and had a daughter as well.

           Mattheo riddle

You were dropping your sister off at platform, 9 3/4 ready to go to Hogwarts when you saw Matheo dropping his brother off.

You were worried he'd come over and find out about the baby, even though he could probably see the baby from where he was.

Your daughter was one and a half. You broke up with Mattheo because he cheated then you left hogwarts, you never got to find out the truth.

The train doors opened and your sister ran onto the train. She bumped into Mattheos brother and your heart dropped. He now knew you where here.

Your sister and his brother were best friends even after you two broke up.

You wanted to get out of there as quick as possible, but Matheo called your name.

"Y/n hey i haven't seen you si-" he saw your daughter.

"have you met someone" he asked looking sad.

"listen mattheo" you stared to say "you cheated on me while i was pregnant, you didn't know because when i caught you i was on my way to tell you" you said as you daughter started to play with your necklace

"y/n that's the thing you left hogwarts a week before we graduated and i searched everywhere for you because i didn't cheat. It was a love potion i tried to send you letters but they always got sent back by pansy" he said

Your heart stopped. He didn't cheat on you willingly. You still love him. You never stopped.

Your daughter reached out to mattheo he grabbed her hand. "she's so cute" he says smiling.

You smiled realising this is what you always dreamed of.

"Y/n feel free to say no but do you want to go out later" he said

"sure, i'll go drop her off with her grandparents" you said smiling.

A few weeks later you two started dating again and a few years later you two got married and your son went off to hogwarts.

i decided to do two parts to do two parts to this as i haven't posted in a while i'm going to try and post Enzo, Draco and Blaise this week x

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