Seeing you after hogwarts with a baby - part two

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          Lorenzo Berkshire

It was Christmas time and Draco decided to bring Enzo over for Xmas day as his parents were on a cruise.

You, Your daughter and Narcissa were baking cookies ready for Christmas day when Draco and Enzo walked through the door smiling and laughing.

"then he-" draco paused seeing you holding your daughter. "shit" you said as Narcissa put the cookies in the oven and walked away kissing your daughters head.

"I think you two need to talk" draco said as he pushed enzo forward and enzo stumbled towards you.

"How have you been?" he asked

"fine what about you" you say

"i'm good....who are you with now then" he said pointing to your daughter who was playing with a strand of your hair

"Enzo..she's umm well she's yours we broke up and i didn't know i was pregnant until a week after and i didn't want to bother you and ruin your life so i never told you" you say putting her down on the floor.

"wow she's mine, y/n/n if you had told me i could have help why did draco never tell me" he asked

"he swore to keep it secret and i didn't know you were coming for christmas" you say watching your daughter bum shuffle around your feet

"she's adorable. listen y/n/n feel free to say no but could i maybe come into her life, i missed her birth i don't want to miss anything else"
he said

"of course enzo" you say smiling

You and enzo married 3 years later and your daughter is now growing up.


         Blaise Zabini

You had picked up a job at the three broomsticks to help pay for your son's wellbeing.

Blaise and his dad just happened to be the table you waited today.

Your stomach dropped as you saw the two at the table "i'm so sorry" your colleague whispered to you as he left for the day.

You walked over to Blaise and his dad with two butter beers. You placed them down on the table. Blaises dad didn't notice it was you but Blaise started at you as you placed them then walked away.

"Thank you" blaises dad said as you walked away.

20 minutes later and it was nearly time to end your shift. You saw Blaise and his dad had finished with their food so you started walking over to collect the plates and get them the bill when Astoria walked through holding your sons hand.

"mummy!" your son shouted running to you, you smiled at him before picking him up.

"Thank you for looking after him" you said to Astoria

"no worries, i'll look after him whenever, Scorpius loves having a friend round" she said handing you your sons day bag.

Blaise excused himself from the table and walked towards you.

Astoria's face dropped before
blaise said "hey y/n is that your son?"

"yes it is" you say turning around.

Blaise took one look at him and realised something.

"Who's is he" he asked

"listen i know it's been 3 years and you probably should have moved on but he's yours, i found out i was pregnant before we ended things" you say

"He looks exactly like i did as a baby" he said smiling as your son admired his dad.

"daddy?" he said

Your heart skipped a beat.

Blaise should have been there for his first steps his first word. But no you were selfish and didn't tell him you were pregnant.

"hey listen i was selfish i should have told you, you had the right to know i was just scared" you say before blaise pulled you into a hug.

"no i'm sorry i should have listened to you 3 years ago" he said before his dad came over.

"hello y/n how you been" he said

"great sir, you?" you said

"good, i never knew you two had were still a thing and oh my goodness is that sweet boy blaises" he asked

"yes it is" you smiled

"come round for dinner tonight" blaise said

You went round blaises and ended up getting back together then having a daughter and marrying.
         Draco Malfoy

Your brother was playing in the quidditch world cup which made you and your mum get seats in the ministers box.

Your son was sitting on your lap when Draco and his father walked in. Lucius sat down next to your mum since they both worked for Voldemort.

Draco looked over to see you holding a boy with platinum blonde hair and he instantly knew it was his. He couldn't understand why you never told him.

After the match had ended, everyone was leaving the ministers box and Draco grabbed your arm, pulling you to the side.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" he said in a grumpy tone.

"Isn't it obvious," you say

"you were pregnant?" he asked pointing to your son

"well done smart ass, i never told you though you looked so happy with daphne" you say with a sassy tone

"she cheated on me 5 months ago." he said

"sorry" you say

"don't worry about it she was a right controlling bitch" he said

"shit well umm sorry i didn't tell you about my pregnancy, when i found out i didn't even know if i wanted to keep it" you said looking down at your son

"i'm glad you did" draco said

You smiled as draco stepped closer to you before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

"can i kiss you" he said

"yea" you said as Draco leaned in your lips making contact like they used to.

You pulled away for a breath before your son started crying because he was hungry.

"Y/n i'm sorry about everything that happened please let me be in his life" he said

"sure draco" you said

After about 5 months of dating again draco proposed and your son grew up and went off to hogwarts.

I'm sorry this took so long 😭

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