One bed trope - part one - t.n, t.r, m.r

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Warnings: light smut, swearing.
Word count: 1612 words
Theodore Nott

You and Theo hated each other, you actually didn't know why you just despised him.

You were going on a trip with Hogwarts and you and pansy were going to share a room until you found out that the teachers had already paired up people and who is sharing.

You walked up to the room number that Proffesor Mcgonagall told you, luckily yours and Pansy's room was next to each other so you could still visit each other, you got out the room key but noticed it was already open "the fuck" you questioned pushing it slightly making the door open all the way.

"well hello y/l/n" you heard

"you've got to be shitting me" you said walking into the room because you recognised the voice.

You turned the corner and saw him. "I am not sharing with you" you said

"believe me i've tried to switch already" he said


"they obviously said no you fucking dumbass" he said walking past you trying to be a gentleman and get your suit case but failed "holy shit what's in this" he said

"personally, i don't think you need to know" you said easily picking it up and winking at him.

"oh y/l/n the-"

"there's only one fucking bed" you said storming over to him backing him onto the now closed door.

"i know i have seen" he said looking down at you.

"I'm not sleeping on the floor and as much i as i hate you I'm not letting you sleep on the floor so I'm making a line with the pillows, don't cross it" you said and Theo agreed

You had taken a shower and got into your pjs on, you were laying on your side of the bed when theo walked out of the shower.

His brown hair was all wet and he had no shirt on only a towel wrapped around his waist exposing his V-line. You tried so hard not to stare.

Theo was trying to tease you into liking him and you knew it so you tried your hardest to distract yourself on your phone.

He thankfully walked back into the bathroom and later came out only in boxers, "are you sleeping in that" you asked him

"i always sleep like this" he said "problem?"

"no fine" you said plugging your phone into charge, Theo climbed into bed and faced you but you layed the other way.

It was around two am when you woke up to a pair of strong arms around your waist and your back pressed up against someone's chest.

"theo seriously" you said with a tired voice.

"mm" he managed to get out

You turned around to face him and he woke up "hello darling" he said in a sexy morning voice.

"you know what i can't be bothered, this is nice" you said as he moved his hand to your chin pulling it up so he could kiss you.

You kissed him back and then fell asleep tangled in his arms.

You woke up the next morning still in the same position you fell asleep in suprised that he didn't push you away, you felt safe with him.

Tom Riddle

"Fuck sake" you heard as a bag slammed on the floor.

"nice to see you too riddle" you said

"don't talk to me" he said walking into the bathroom.

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