Make up sex- m.r

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Warning: blood, sex in public bathroom

Word count : 504 words

You were having a horrible day and couldn't wait to get back to your dorm to see your boyfriend Mattheo.

You walked into the Slytherin common room and saw Daphne holding onto mattheos arm. He looked mad and bored while she was saying how muscly he is.

He looked over and saw you so did daphne which made her go in for a kiss with mattheo, you scoffed and walked off, mattheo pushed her off before she could make contact with his lips and ran after you.

You rushed to the bathroom tears of anger streaming down your face. Mattheo was behind you calling your name but you ignored him.

You turned the corner and walked into the bathroom, you threw your jumper off throwing it into the sink before punching the mirror causing your hand to bleed badly.

Mattheo walked in to see a mirror smashed and your hand bleeding, he knew you had bad anger issues and came from a bad past so he rushed to you a hugged you.

"she's such a cunt" you say to him

"i know doll i know she is" he replied kissing your neck and you wrapping your hand up with toilet roll, you smiled knowing where this was going to go. Mattheo spun you around so you were facing him before his soft lips made passionate connection with yours. "i need you princess, i need you right now" he said unbuckling his belt showing his hard dick through this boxers.

"let's do it then" you say as he lifts you up onto the counter and ran his thumb on your clit as he makes out either you.

You moaning into his mouth as you grow wetter and wetter before he finally gives in and pushes his dick inside of you. You would never get used to his size. "agh Mattheo " you moan as he thrusts inside of you "this is all yours no one else's" he says taking off you shirt and bra revealing your tits he places a kiss on both of them before starting to make deep purple marks all over your neck a chest while still thrusting into you and you moan overwhelmed with pleasure.

"babe i'm close" you say as he fastens his moments "same baby" he said before his movements became sloppy as he twitched inside you as you tightened around him, both of you realising.

"i love you so fucking much princess" he said before placing a kiss on your head and pulling up your joggers. While you get your bra and shirt back on.

"i love you too" you say getting off the counter and taking him back to your dorm.

"round two?" he says stopping in the common room.

"always" you say before he kisses you in front of daphne
as you both put your middle fingers up to her.

Not feeling well at the moment so not to sure how recent the uploads will be x

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