Their first time

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again i made this at 5am so sorry if it's shit

warnings : smut, swearing

word count: 2257 words

         Theodore Nott

You walked into yours and Theo's shared dorm to see him laying in bed watching the tv. "hi my love" he said to you as you slipped off your shoes and straddled his waist, "are you okay?" he asked, "yeah i'm okay, just been walking so much today Pansy wanted to go shopping" you said moving around on his lap trying to get comfy, suddenly you felt something hard underneath you.

Theo sat up and started to kiss you, his lips made his way down to your neck and started to leave marks all over your neck, he started to unbutton his shirt and threw it onto the floor, you took your shirt off and did the same as him.

He flipped you over and was now taking your skirt off before standing up and taking his off as well as his boxers while you went in your bedside table draw and opened the pack of condoms and handing in one "Y/n/n" he started to say as you took off your thong and bra "you okay?" you asked "i'm not going to be very good at this because..this is going to be my first time" he said "that's okay don't worry Theo " you reassured him before he got back on top of you and slipped his cock into your wet cunt.

He got used to the feeling and started to pull himself out before pushing in again, he moaned as you did, he knew kind of what to do now so he repeated what he was doing, you both moaned into each others shoulders as he quickned his pace,his dick slipped in and out of you as you moaned

He started to feel his cock twitch "i'm so close" he said before he finished as his movements got sloppy as you finished a moment later, "that was really good" Theo said kissing your head and collapsing next to you. " we have to do that again" you said.


          Tom Riddle

You and Tom haven't been dating long but you could tell he wanted you.

One night you walked into the room to see him at his desk doing schoolwork. He was always doing it and you wanted him so decided to seduce him.

You pull his chair out and straddled his lap and he grabbed your waist

"y/n i'm doing homework" he got closer to your face

"i know but im bored" you got even closer to his face your noses brushed together

"darlin..." he begins but you stopped him smashing your lips against his making him laugh.

You grinded against him unintentionally which causes his dick to turn hard under neath you.

He took off your shirt, and you unbuttoned his. You got off him as he unbuckled his belt and you pulled your skirt down as-well as your thong.

He slipped his boxers off his dick hard as ever, he grabbed a condom out of the drawer and rolled it on as you unclipped your bra throwing it.

"y/n/n before we do anything i um..i've never done this before" he said standing up and walking over to the bed

"that's okay" you say kissing his head before laying down and he got on top of you.

He slowly pushed himself inside you and got used to the feeling.

"are you alright?" you ask and he nods

Once he is used to it he starts thrusting into you, you moaned as he brushed against your g-spot, he thrusted harder and harder until both of you moaned out in pleasure.

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