The Slytherin Boys find out its your first time

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Word count : 2437 words
Warning - swearing and smut
        Theodore Nott

You and Theo had been getting closer and closer to fucking but every time something interrupted you.

You really wanted to fuck him really badly but you didn't want to have to tell him it's your first time, the reason you had never hooked up with someone is because of you protective brother, at parties if he saw you talking to a boy he'd drag you away stating he didn't want you to get pregnant or if you were alone with Theo he'd find a way to spy on you.

You and Theo were in his dorm while the rain outside smashed against his window. All your classes had been cancelled due to the rain and everyone wanted to stay inside, all the slytherin were in their dorms or the common room.

Theo sat up and so did you, he tucked a strand behind you ear and whispered in it "should we try again?" he asked.

"y-yes" you said, realising that you would have to tell him it's your first.

Theo pulled you onto his lap so you were straddling him and started to make out with you, his lips were soft and you couldn't get enough of them, suddenly he moved his lips down to your neck and started to suck your neck so people knew you were his.

His hand went into your joggers and grazed over your thong covered clit feeling you slowly get wet made him get hard, he pushed your thong out the way and slipped two fingers inside you making you gasp, he started to curl them up towards your g-spot, you'd been fingered before just never taken a full dick.

You were getting close so Theo pulled his fingers out and licked them clean "i want to feel you cum around my cock" he said before flipping you over and pulling off your joggers and your thong before he stripped down himself.

You kept your shirt on incase anyone came in, Theo looked at you before climbing on top of you he lined his dick up with your entrance before you said "Theo..please be gentle"

"is everything okay baby" he said

"i've umm it's my first time" you said feeling nervous and scared but when you saw him smile and say "it's okay princess, but promise you'll tell me if it hurts" you nodded and he slowly pushed himself
into you, sure it hurt a little but you didn't think you needed to tell him.

You felt him push into you slowly getting faster and faster you felt the orgasm build up he pushed into you a couple more times before you realised, he felt you tighten around his and that made him finish aswell.

"that was so good" you said to him

"round 2?" he said

"yes, you can be rougher" you said.
             Tom Riddle

Tom was horny and you knew it, he always tried to fuck you but you always made an excuse.

Tonight you decided you would confess to him that you've never have sex before, sure you were scared you knew Tom had gone around the school from girl to girl which made you worried you be another one of his old hookups.

Tom walked into your shared dorm and slammed you up against the wall making out with you.

"fuck tom" you said when you broke away for a breather

"i need you right now" he said looking down at his boner

Your heart dropped knowing you'd have to go through with it, "alright" you said as he ripped your shirt off and your leggings aswell as your thong, he pushed you backwards onto the bed as you took your bra off while he stripped.

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