7 minutes in heaven : t.n and t.r

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Background- your at a slytherin party and they played 7 mins in heaven - enemies but crushing

Word count: 338 words
Theodore Nott

You had been tricked into playing seven minutes in heaven. Now you were squished together with Theodore Nott, who was towering over you.

You felt your heart beat faster as he stared down at you. "Hey" he whispered

"Hi" You whispered back "is this awkward?" you asked

"i think it's quite cozy" he said hitting his head on a broom handle

"are you ok" you laughed

"i will be after you kiss it better" he said bending down so you could kiss his head.

"wow i feel better already" he said tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you smiled up at him.

"Theo can i-" you start to say but stop yourself as the door opened

"are you guys seriously not doing anything" a drunk pansy says opening the door

"i think we'll take it up into my dorm instead" you say dragging Theo out as they all oooo you guys up the stairs


Tom Riddle

Tom said no to playing 7 minutes in heaven but once you said you'd do it he agreed.

He span the bottle hoping it would land on you, you and pansy were taking shots when the bottle landed on you everyone gasped and laughed "come on bitch" he said pulling your arm up " what the fuck" you said before realising that the bottle stopped on you.

You got to the broom closet and he shut the door then locked it " we are going to stand here and do nothing then go out there and pretend we did something" tom said dominantly

"or we could do something" you said quietly

"what was that" tom said looking down at you, you gave in to your thoughts and pulled him down by his tie, his lips making contact with yours.

Tom gave in to his feelings and let you take the lead, for a while you two made out Tom's

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