Them not having anyone to kiss on new years so they kiss you - enemies

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- as enemies at a party
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Theodore Nott

You two were at the slytherin party that happens every new year's eve to welcome the new year.

All your friends were dancing with the person they were going to kiss at 12. You were sat on the couch smoking a cigarette while holding a mostly empty bottle beer.

The realisation hit you that for another year you'd have no one to kiss, you heard people all gather together and began counting


You felt someone flop down next to you on the sofa.


You looked to your left and saw Theo. "Fuck sake" you thought.

"You alright, you look fucking depressed" he said laughing a little.


"well for the 3rd year in a row i have no one but my beer to kiss at 12" you said looking at him.

He smiled "don't worry you ain't alone, i've got no one as-well" he looked at you.


You two just stared into each others eyes for a moment until you looked away and took a hit of your cigarette which has just about had it.


"look y/n, i know that over the past couple of years we haven't really seen eye to eye, and i know that you hate me but look i don't want to go another year without kissing some and you can say no b-" you interrupted him by climbing onto his lap straddling his lap.


"yes theo i will, mattheo told me you were going to ask me" you said smiling as his icy blue eyes stared deep into your eyes.


"twat can't keep his mouth shut" he laughed admiring your smile "i'm sorry for being an asshole to you and i don't know if it's because im drunk that im saying all of this but i was always rude to you because i love you but when you started hating me i couldn't tell you how i felt" you said looking down at his lap.


You pulled his chin up so he'd face you again "i've always loved you as well" you said to him as he tucked hair behind your ear and one to your waist. You rested your hands on his chest.



You looked at each other one last time before he pulled you towards him and kissed you deeply. Suddenly you two were having a make out session.

Both your friend groups saw you two and cheered running over to the sofas and sitting down on them "Let's fucking go you two" a drunk mattheo
yelled making you two pull away and smile.

For the rest of the night you and Theo cuddled together on the sofa, occasionally getting up to dance.

Tom Riddle

You two were at the slytherin party that happens every new year's eve to welcome the new year.

He kept looking at you while you were dancing, he knew you had no one to kiss and neither did he.

He didn't want to show he didn't hate you as much anymore so he waited until the countdown started and then he would go over to you and pull you in.


He heard people shout over by the fireplace.


He took one last swig of his drink and stood up making his way over to you in the crowd still keeping his distance so you wouldn't see him.

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