One of their family members walking in on you two

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If they don't have parents or siblings pretend they do 😭
word count : 2230 words

          Theodore Nott

You and Theo had gone to his parents house for christmas and for some reason he was extremely horny this season.

You two just got told you'd be home alone for the whole day so Theo took this as an opportunity to destroy you (the good way).

He dragged you by your arm to his room and pushed you onto the bed "fuck theo" you say shocked at his sudden movements.

"i need you so bad" he said ripping his shirt off.

He got on top of you pulling your joggers and shirt off leaving you in just your thong and bra "fucking gorgeous" he said before kissing you again.

You felt yourself getting wetter as his hard buldge brushed lightly up against your clit.

"i need you inside me theo" you beg

"say that again princess" he said taking his boxers off and removing your bra easily like he does every time.

"i need you inside me theo" you said emphasising inside me.

He moaned as he entered your wet cunt. "mm theo i'll never get used to how big you are" you moan.

"and i forgot how tight you are" he groaned before his head dropped to the crook of your neck.

You two where under the covers luckily when you heard the door open. Theo turned around and saw his dad standing at the door. "'s dinner.." he said running out the room slamming the door.

"Just" thrust "pretend" thrust "that's didn't" thrust "happen"  he said moaning at the end before he finished in you.

"Fuck" you moaned before finishing after him.

Theo collapsed onto you and you stroked his hair "this is gonna be awkward later" he said laughing
            Tom Riddle

You and Tom had a really active sex life, with him its if he wants you it doesn't matter where or how he just needs to have you.

Yours and Toms families were really close since you two were dating so you guys always went to Riddle manor or they came to Lestrange manor for Christmas (your mother is Bellatrix). This time you guys were at riddle manor.

You left your room and went over to his to give him a new book you bought him but forgot to give him you where about to knock when you heard him grunting and moaning. You stopped in your tracks so quiet you heard your heart beating in your chest.

You finally got the courage to walk into his room even though he was your boyfriend you never thought you'd walk in on him doing this.

"hey tommy I've got this book I bought and forgot to give you" you said as he spun around so fast he had no time to put his dick away causing you to smile as he hadn't finished yet.

"fucking hell princess you scared me, stop staring and come over here and help me it hurts" he said. You smiled as you took your shirt off and walked over to him "you know I fucking love that bra" he smiled grabbing your hands holding them as you got on your knees.

He let go of your hands as you took his dick with one hand and put the other on his chair for support you licked his tip before taking his full dick into your mouth. His hand went to your hair and held it up into a messy bun.

You looked up at him through your eyelashes you could tell he was on the edge he would cum any second that's when you two heard the door open and Voldemort said "tom when did" he stopped "Dad get the fuck out" he said as his dick bruised the back of your throat, "right I saw nothing this is between us two" Voldemort said as he shut the door.

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