You not being able to cum

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Warnings- sex, not being able cum, swearing, mention of being high

Word count: 1207 words

Theodore Nott

You and Theo were both high while fucking but you two couldn't care less.

You two had fucked high before and normally you two both cum quickly but this time you felt unable to.

You didn't know if you should pretend or just let theo realise, it felt so good but you just couldn't get butterflies exploding in your stomach.

He finished into the condom and looked down at you with loving high eyes that had a hint of confusion.

"my love..are you alright cum..with me" a high out of breath theo said.

"yea..i just" you said

"just..what..amore mio" he said

"i don't know" you said, you didn't know why you couldn't so you and Theo decided to take it to the shower.

As soon as you two started fucking in the shower he made you cum twice and was proud of himself, after that you two decided to not fuck high again as it takes forever to finish.

Tom Riddle

You and Tom had been going at it for a while now and he'd already came but for some reason you weren't able to.

Yeah it felt amazing but that knot in your stomach just wasn't building up, it might be because you guys have fucked a lot in the past week but you still felt bad.

You didn't want to make him feel worthless so you decided you'd fake an orgasm.

You waited a little then moaned out toms name.

He slowed down. "shit" you said in your head

He pulled out and grabbed your arms pushing them above your head, pinning you down.

"how pathetic y/l/n not being cum, have i over worked you" he said in my ear as i felt like i should feel embarrassed but i felt turned on.

"I-i'm sorry tommy" you said out of breath.

"it's okay princess, im just going to have to fuck you harder" he said as he pushed himself back inside you making you moan.

After someone hard thrusts he was able to make you cum and he was proud of himself.

Mattheo Riddle

I knew Mattheo had been out all day and would be horny when he got back.

I had been in bed basically all day reading while the tv was on, i was just finishing my book when mattheo walked in and sat down on the end on the bed.

"doll" he said

"yes matt" i said

"i need to feel you around me" he said

I was really tired but didn't want to say no so I agreed.

Mattheo was fucking ke and he finished a couple times but i wasn't finishing for some reason, i knew i was tired and i think he knew but we carried on.

"doll, are you unable to finish" he asked

"yes matt, i am i'm sorry" i said upset and tired.

"hey we don't have to fuck right now, your tired come on let's go to sleep" he said to me pulling out.

"are you sure, you aren't mad are you" i asked

"why would i be, it's okay" he said kissing me.

We fell asleep in each others arms and fucked in the shower the next morning and he made me cum twice.
Regulus Black

Regulus and you had just gotten back from spending the holiday with his brother.

You two had to try not to fuck while at his house as he had 2 kids, so once you'd gotten back to your shared dorm he pinned you onto the bed and fucked.

He had came already but you hadn't so you had to fake it, you moaned his name making him think you were close but when he didn't feel you tighten around him he got confused.

"are you okay doll?" he asked " i thought you were about to finish"

"i don't know what's wrong with me reggie, i can't right now" you said feel embarrassed

"don't be embarrassed, it's okay i understand we just got back your tired i understand, let's save this for tomorrow" he said pulling out and kissing your head.

"thanks reg. i love you im sorry" you said sorting your clothes out

"i love you too my love" he said
Draco Malfoy

Draco and you were at the malfoy manor for christmas.

Right now there was a death eater meeting, both your dad was voldemort so you always had to go to them but you and draco managed to get out of it saying you needed to study when in reality you two were fucking.

"fuck princess you feel so good" he said

You didn't know why but you felt like you couldn't finish "draco" you moaned.

He knew that was fake but didn't want to confront you so he just kept going on. He was able to finish and kept going hoping you'd finish.

"dray,i can't" you said

"i know, what's wrong ?" he asked

"it's just the fact like 30 people are in the room under us right now i just feel uncomfortable" you said

"darling that's okay, hey come on let's clean up and go downstairs, and we can go back to hogwarts" he said kissing your head.

Once back at hogwarts you and draco fucked in the bathroom before having a bath together and you both came together, you kept apologising but he just reassured you it was okay.
Lorenzo Berkshire

Enzo had noticed you two were going at it a bit longer than usual.

"is everything okay darling?"
he asked still inside you

"yeah enzo i'm fine just a little tired" you said

"do you want to keep going?" he asked pulling out and laying next to you.

"yeah" you said before sitting up and straddling him lining him up with your entrance before his dick slowly went inside you.

You were able to cum in a matter of minutes from riding him, and you two both fell asleep together.
Blaise Zabini

You and Blaise were in the library and he had you bent over a desk, it was after hours so he had no worry of someone coming in but you were worried your uncle
might come in as he was a teacher at Hogwarts.

Blaise had finished twice and you hadn't once. "Ma is there anything in your mind, normally your able to finish" he asked

"blaise i'm sorry, i'm just worried my uncles going to come round the corner" you said as he pulled out and turned you around.

"don't apologise, i understand, let's go back to my dorm" he said

You two started creeping back to his dorm but you felt horny suddenly and pulled him into a broom closet locking the door, "let's do it here" you said

"are you sure ma" he said

"yes, i need you right now" you said making him smile and pick you up pushing you against the wall as he pulled off your thong and pushed your skirt up.

He pushed his trousers down and pushed his dick inside you, it only took him 3
minutes before you came over his dick.

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