You going into labour but you didnt know you were pregnant - part one

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Warnings: mentions of birth, swearing.

Word count: 1251

          Theodore Nott

You had just gotten out of the shower and put theo's shirt and boxers on when you felt a sharp pain in your back.

"fuck" you yelled standing back to lean over the sink on your elbows with your head hung between them, "is it the back pain again?" theo walked into the bathroom lightly touching your back.

"yeah it's gone on for hours now, i think it's just my period but i don't know" you said standing up

"why don't we get it checked" he asked

"i'll be fine" you replied before going back to do your skincare.

Hours later the back pain progressively got worse, you suggested to theo that you would just go to sleep but he wouldn't let you, he was too worried.

He dragged you out of bed and down to Madam Pomfrey. As you were half way to the hospital wing you felt liquid drip down your leg.

"See theo it's just my period" you said

"no i don't care your still being checked" he protested

You limped into the hospital wing as you saw madam pomfrey setting up a bed.

"hello dears what's wrong" she asked in her kind tone

"y/n has terrible back pain" theo said you tried to speak up but you couldn't as another wave of pain hit you.

Madam Pomfrey ran a blood test and about 20 minutes later came back with results, "dear did you know you're pregnant?" she asked.

Your heart fell into your stomach "what" you managed to mumble out

"she's pregnant?" theo asked

"yes and she's in labour" madam pomfery said putting a apron on

You turned to theo "i cant do this" you said tears running down your face "we cant" you whispered

"you can y/n/n, we can" he said kissing your forehead.

After hours of crying and pushing your daughter was finally born. Theo held your hand the whole way and never gave up hope on you.

"here she is your beautiful daughter" madam pomfery said placing her on your chest as you heard your daughters healthy cry your eyes filled with happy tears and you looked over at theo.

He was holding back tears as he placed his massive hand on her tiny head. "she looks like you" he said smiling.

"i'll leave you two alone" madam pomfery said walking away smiling.

"what are we going to do" you said looking at theo

"well we have to tell my dad and your aunt, hopefully they'll understand we didn't mean for this to happen" he said

"it's my fault if we get in trouble" you replied

"well it was a joint effort" he laughed making you laugh.


            Tom Riddle

You and Tom were in potions when you felt an odd feeling in your stomach. You went to adjust the way you were sitting when you realised you were sitting in a puddle.

You got up and ran out the class door, tom was confused but saw your chair, he dried the seat with his wand before rushing out the door to catch you up.

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