You going into labour but you didnt know you were pregnant - part two

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Warnings: birth, miscarriage, swearing

word count : 1011 words

Hey guys so basically i'm going to attempt a interlinked one shot but i don't know which slytherin boy to do, so if you would like to see a certain boy comment or message me x

           Regulus Black

You and regulus had found out you were pregnant last year around christmas but you thought you ended up having a miscarriage.

The first week of September you were in the great hall eating with regulus when you suddenly felt a sharp pain in your side.

"shit" you cried out

"you okay darling?" he asks putting his arm around you.

"i'm going to the hospital wing" you said standing up holding your side and walking out the hall.

Regulus stood up and rushed out after you.

You got to the hospital wing and madam pomfrey took you into her arms and helped you to a bed.

"darling your in labour i can tell" she said and you gasped

"my love, i thought" you heard regulus say

"so did i" you said tearing up.

You went to say another thing but you felt madam pomfery push your legs up and you layed back. Regulus came up by your head as you didn't want him to see a bloody baby coming out of you.

"i can see the head darling you need to push" madam pomfrey said

You started pushing and regulus was holding your hand so you knew he was there for you "come on honey i know you can do it" he said

You pushed one last time and suddenly you heard a little baby cry. "oh my god" you said out of breath.

Madam Pomfery pulled down your shirt a little to reveal your collar bone and placed your daughter onto the exposed skin.

"she's gorgeous" you said looking at regulus

"she looks like her beautiful mother" he said and kissed your head.

           Draco Malfoy

You had been in the hospital wing for 2 days with on and off stomach pain. Madam pomfrey couldn't find anything wrong.

Until you woke up to what felt like something was coming out of you.

Draco had slept in the chair by your side refusing to leave, you didn't want to wake him up so you just tried to sleep but you couldn't.

"shit" you whispered.

You felt it coming out of you more and more. You woke up draco and told him to
get madam pomfrey.

"what's going on?" he asked

"i don't know" you said throwing your head back.

Madam pomfrey ran around the corner with draco.

Draco pulled your legs up and looked down then suddenly fainted.

"For fuck sake dray" you said

Madam pomfery said to you "your in labour darling i can see the head" before she pulled on gloves and told you to push.

When draco came around he saw you holding a baby boy "is he ours?"

"yes, i'll tell you later, but apparently i had a cryptic pregnancy"

"oh shit so you didn't know" he said

"yea" you said "but look we have a healthy baby boy who looks like you" you smiled

"my mum will help us out i know she will" draco said

        Lorenzo Berkshire

You and enzo were studying in the library when you got up to get a book and suddenly fainted.

"babe" enzo yelled and crouched down to your side.

He didn't know what to do so he picked you up that when he saw water run down your leg "the hell" he said to himself.

He carried you down to the hospital wing and handed you to madam pomfrey. "Miss she fainted and then water ran down her leg and i don't know what's wrong with her" he said really fast

"hey honey don't worry i'll help her" she said

Madam Pomfery took you to a bed and inspected what could be wrong with you. "enzo dear she's in labour, but she won't wake up in time for it if we don't help this baby out the baby and y/n could die so i'm going to need you to take the baby once it's born"

Enzo was in shock and he subconsciously nodded, he had no idea you were pregnant as you didn't show at all but he got told by madam pomfery that it was a rare cryptic pregnancy.

Madam pomfrey had helped deliver your daughter while you were passed out. It didn't take long and enzo was happy he didn't need to see you in pain.

You suddenly came around and saw enzo holding a baby,
"wh-what happened" you mumbled as you came around

"look at our daughter" enzo said

"wow she's gorgeous" you said smiling as enzo handed her to you "i was pregnant?"
you said

"yeah you had this thing i can't remember what madam pomfrey said but you had no idea you were pregnant" he said "but hey don't worry my mother and father said she'll help us out" he smiled.

           Blaise Zabini

Pansy had been running around looking for blaise for an hour, she didn't know if you had given birth yet.

She ran back to tell you she couldn't find him when she saw him by your side as you tried to push.

"i'm going to leave you two i'll be back later" pansy said walking out.

You were struggling to push and blaise was holding your hand.

madam pomfrey was talking you through the whole thing "it's okay darling your doing so well" shw said

"come on ma push it's okay you're so strong" he comforted you the whole time.

Before you knew it your son was born and he was a healthy new born baby.

"he has your nose" blaise said as your son was laying on your chest getting skin to skin contact when your mother walked in.

"how did you not know you were pregnant" she said with a angry look until she saw your son. "oh my, he's adorable" she said "you know what, i'll help you two with anything"

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