Cam girl life - t.n

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Warnings : smut, swearing

Word count: 1100 words

I just watched this movie called cam and it got me inspired to do this.


You just finished another 1 hour live when you got a notification on your computer. "hey you, I sent you a new sexy lingerie which I would love for you to wear in your next live stream" a man with the name greensnake123 had sent you a message, just as you were about to reply you got an owl at your window.

You knew this was the package and decided to open it and put it on to send him a video of you wearing it. There was a sage green lacey bra and a thong with diamond straps. You also noticed a note, you thought that was a bit weird as normally men don't send notes with their gifts but maybe he was being nice.

The note read: If you have any time I would love a video of you in the outfit - T.

"T?" you said out loud questioning why he put a T but you were too tired to think anything of it and just decided to get the video over with so you could have a shower.


I had just watched her new live stream, I wish I knew who she was. Her body is so sexy and her voice is so calming, I could never really get her attention so I decided to send her a sexy lingerie and asked her to send me a video of her in it to see if I could find out anything more about her

I got a message.

It was a video, I opened it and saw her standing there sexy as ever. She did a little spin and asked me if I liked it which I smiled to, I saw her acrylic   nails and realised they where the exact same as my flatmates Y/N but there's no way this could be her even though they do have the same belly piercings. No it couldn't be her.

I messaged her saying that I loved how it looked on her and how sexy her body looked and she replied with thank you and promised she wear it in  her next live.

I continued watching the video over and over getting my dick out and grabbing some lotion before I started to masturbate to the video.


You closed your computer down for the night and grabbed your fluffy joggers to put on before you went to tell your flatmate you were having a shower and not to run any water.

You walked out your room and across the hall to his he had music on and wouldn't hear you knock so you just walked in and saw him sitting at his computer with a video on while he was moaning and masturbating.

You gasped which caused him to turn around and quickly got up pulling his boxers up which made him show you what he was watching and you realised it was the video you just took of the new lingerie.

"SHIT FUCK..its exactly what it-" he paused as he realised the bra you were wearing, he looked a the video then back at you who had a shocked look on your face. "its you isn't it?" he asked

"yeah Theo it is and you sent this didn't you" you said, he just nodded his head you both just stared at each other for a moment before he rushed towards you grabbing your face and kissing you passionately. Walking you over to the bed and pushing you on it as he took his shirt and shorts off leaving him in his boxers before he pulled off your joggers as you stood up again showing off the lingerie. "wow you look gorgeous in it y/n/n" he said which made you smile.

You pulled him down for a kiss again before he swiftly took off your bra with one hand and threw it onto his chair before sitting down on this bed and tapping his lap for you to sit down which you did.

His lips connected to your neck as you pulled lightly on his hair. You felt him suck harshly on your neck knowing it would leave a dark,
purple mark but you didn't give a fuck all you wanted was him to be inside you.

The more he sucked the wetter you got. He ran his hand down from your shoulder over your right boob and down to your thong before asking "may i?" you nodded, before he pulled your thong to the side and stuck two fingers inside your wet cunt "mm so wet for me already" he said as he got harder when you moaned as he curled his fingers upwards lightly grazing your g-spot.

You wanted him so bad.

He curled his fingers again getting quicker but making sure he didn't make you cum yet. "-theo.." you moaned he knew you where close so he stopped "sorry princess my cock has to make you cum" he said as you stood up pulling down his boxers and your thong before lining his tip up with your entrance and slowly pushing down taking his whole length.

"Impressive" he said smiling "you've had practice so i'm not that shocked" that made you laugh a little as you started to ride his cock.

He moaned you name as he watched your tits bounce in his face. "i fucking love this view" he said before you said "if your lucky you might get to see it more often" you said as he threw his head back in pleasure grabbing your waist to help guide you up and down.

You knew he was close as you could feel his cock occasionally twitch inside your tight cunt. Any moment he'd release into you, the thought of that made you speed up which made him moan and whimper your name at least 10 times before he grabbed hold of your waist tight and came in you.

Your pace became slower before you came on his cock. You both buried your heads in each others necks breathing heavy as the smell of sweat and sex filled the room.

"Fuck Theo didn't know you need me that bad" you said teasing him

"ever since you made your first live i've wanted you" he said kissing you again before you got off.

"i'm having a shower, so don't run water" you say

"not without me" he said running after you.

Hope this was okay x

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