Your birthday with your boyfriend - m.r

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Warning : light smut.
Word count : 649 words

On your birthday Mattheo always wants to make it special and wants something you will remember.

This year he saw this new trend going around where you bought roses and put glitter on them, he decided he was going to do that and also buy you a promise ring.

You woke up later than usual as Mattheo hadn't gotten you up, while you were asleep mattheo went out and bought a couple little gifts for you like some chocolate and a card.

You sat up and saw a little basket of things at the end of the bed, it was a little hamper full of perfume, jewellery, chocolate, a little teddy bear with a M on it, and a little box which said come to the common room.

"aww" you said smiling as you hoped out of bed and got a hoodie and leggings on trying to make yourself look a little bit more alive.

You walked down the stairs and saw Tom holding something "uh morning tom" you said, he turned around and handed you a big bouquet of pink and white glitter roses "They are from Matt, happy birthday sis" Tom said. Tom called you sis because you were like a sister to him.

You were about to walk to put them back in your dorm when you saw Mattheo walk over to you "happy birthday princess" he said kissing your forehead, he suddenly pulled a box from his pocket, "pansy told me you have been speaking about this a lot so i decided to get you one to show my love for you" he said.

You had no clue what it could be as you speak to pansy about a lot of things. You guessed it was a ring because of the box and it wouldn't be odd of him because he already got you a necklace with a M on it to show you are his.

"Y/n/n i love you so much and i want to show you that i love you so much by giving you this promise ring, with this promise ring it means i will love you for eternity and i will marry you one day" he said opening the box, it was a beautiful sparkly ring with a massive dimond.

"matt" you said nearly crying, "i love you so much" you said as he slipped the ring on your finger and pulled you into a warm hug.

"i love you too my love" he said kissing your forehead.

"You know you don't have to do things like this for me" you said feeling bad about all the money he spent.

"I do, i love you and i will do whatever you make you happy, also my mum helped me out on what to get you because she loves you too" he said

You and his mum were very close since you didn't have a mum she took you in like a daughter and you were forever grateful so hearing that made your birthday 10X more special and you even got a card and a necklace from her and his dad for your birthday, they even welcomed you to the family in the card.

Even Tom bought you something and he never buys people things, maybe Mattheo convinced him but still you felt like a Riddle and you weren't complaining. Their family was your family.

At the end of the day you and Mattheo were cuddling in your dorm watching a series when mattheo pinned you down and started kissing you, "mattheo" you moaned out as he moved down sucking your neck. "I got birthday head so now you're getting birthday head" he said getting under the covers and pulling down your shorts.

His mouth sucked on your clit, he made you feel so good and you knew you made the right choice.

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