Slytherin boys during head

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Word count : 270 words

        Theodore Nott

- He would grab your hair up into a bun and hold it while pushing your head
- whimpers (loud)
- "Good girl"
- "Just like that"
- "you take me so well"
- if you gag makes sure your okay
- swears in Italian
- so many praises
- fucks you after
         Mattheo Riddle

- gentle head pusher
- groans
- "yes princess"
- "take me"
- "fuck mi amor your so beautiful on your knees"
- praises
- aftercare so good
- rewards you after
             Tom riddle

- Head pusher.
- Loves making you gag
- "Ugh take me darling"
- "princess"
- doesn't make much noice sometimes groans when he's close
- fucking bends you over after
- Eye contact
- "knees now!"
- demands you swallow
           Blaise Zabini

- hands in hair
- loves when you slightly graze him with your teeth
- "fuck, so good gorgeous"
- might moan a bit
- "Jesus fucking Christ"
- Hand + mouth combo sends him to heaven
- head falls back
- this man is a heavy breather
- goes feral if you swallow
            Draco Malfoy

- pulls hair gently
- eye contact but will throw his head back
- is so sensitive to when you tease his tip
-"i love you so much"
-"fuck keep doing that"
- moans
- eats you out after
- doesn't ask for it loves when you just get on your knees
- lives for risky places
         Lorenzo Berkshire

- ever so slightly pulls your hair doesn't want to hurt you
- panicked if you gag
-"are you okay baby"
-"fuck darling"
- head back and eyes rolled back as soon as you make contact with his tip
- rewards you
- heavy breathing
- doesn't want to ask but he would sometimes

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