Eli & Aeryn: Four

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E: "I'm tired of spending my lunch breaks in here."

A: "I know."

E: "It's sunny outside and we're stuck in here working."

A: "I would be in here anyway."

E: "Don't you have anywhere else to go?"

A: "No."

E: "Oh."

A: "..."

E: "You should come to my house."

A: "I should what?"

E: "Come to my house to do this instead of wasting precious minutes of freedom in a musty old building."

A: "I told you, I come here every lunch anyway. It doesn't bother me, and I can always complete the project alone if you want to go. Besides, this isn't a musty old building, it's the living space of billions of different combinations of just twenty-six letters written by hundreds of different people, isn't that amazing?"

E: "..."

A: "Why are you smiling at me like that?"

E: "Like what?"

A: "Like I just said something really funny or interesting."

E: "It's just that that is probably the most you've ever said to me in our two weeks of being friends."

A: "Friends?"

E: "So I guess you're into books, huh?"

A: "Yeah, I am, I read a lot. But, friends?"

E: "What about it?"

A: "We're not friends, are we?"

E: "Don't you want to be my friend?"

A: "I just meant-"

E: "We've spent some of our lunchtimes together doing this thing together, we talk and stuff, I think that counts as us being friends."

A: "We wouldn't be working together if the teacher didn't put us together, you wouldn't have chosen to work with me."

E: "Stop putting yourself down, Aeryn!"

A: "Sorry."

E: "So, my house after school on Friday, friend?"

A: "I...I'll have to ask my dad first."

E: "Sure. I'll see if I can get my mum to make cottage pie, once you've tried her cooking you'll never want to leave."

A: "I don't really like cottage pie."

E: "You've never tried cottage pie like my mum's, you'll love it."

A: "Okay, I'll try it."

E: "..."

A: "You're giving me that look again."

E: "You smiled."

A: "Yeah?"

E: "You looked beautiful."

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