Eli & Aeryn: Forty

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E; "Have you ever tried sliding down these banisters?"

A: "Why would I ever want to do that?"

E; "Because it's fun."

A: "Fun is not falling to my death down two storeys of stairs."

E: "Aaaaeryn, come on, try it!"

A: "No! They're built to help people get down the stairs safely. What you're proposing is the complete opposite."

E: "Where's your sense of adventure?"

A: "I'd hardly call this adventure."

E: "I'm boooored."

A: "You don't have to come to the library."

E: "I want to spend time with you, but Aeryn, you do choose the dullest places to inhabit."

A: "Fine, where do you wanna go?"

E: "Let's go to the field! Kira and Caspar will be there. Caspar told me that he likes Kira-"

A: "Really!"

E: "Yeah."

A: "That's so sweet! Is he going to ask her on a date?"

E: "I think so."

A: "That's great! Kira told me that she likes Caspar!"

E: "Oh, that's so cool, I'm really happy for Caspar, I-"

A: "Eli! Get off the banister, it's not safe!"

E: "Relax, Aeryn, it's fi - AHHH!"

A: "ELI!"

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