Eli & Aeryn: Twelve

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Hey! I just wanted to say that I really love reading your comments, I don't always reply because, to me, there's a lot and I would get repetitive thanking you all but I read them all and sometimes they make me laugh, and they make me want to write more. :)

Also, just a reminder that AERYN IS A GIRL and ELI IS A BOY, because that's something a few people are getting confused about.


E: "Back in ye olde library again."

A: "The expression 'ye olde' was actually never used, it was a reading mistake because of the curly fonts."

E: "Alright, little miss clever-clogs."

A: "And you say I say weird things, clever-clogs?"

E: "It's cool when I say it!"

A: "If you say so."

E: "Instead of doing the work in here, we should do it out on the field where it's sunny!"

A: "I prefer being here, I like having books around me."

E: "Ah, yes, reading is your secret little hobby."

A: "Not really a secret, everyone in school only knows me as the 'book nerd' or the one to go to for help with homework."

E: "...yeah, true."

A: "What's your secret little hobby then?"

E: "W-what? I don't have one, I-"

A: "Come on, tell me!"

E: "I-no! You'll tell people!"

A: "Who have I got to tell?"

E: "I introduced you to my friends yesterday, you could tell them!"

A: "You did, they were really nice, actually, especially Caspar, he was really-"

E: "Caspar? You don't...like him do you?"

A: "Now look who's the jealous one! But no. And I promise I won't tell them even though they probably already know."

E: "They don't."

A: "Why not?"

E: "They'd laugh at me!"

A: "It can't be that bad, Eli!"

E: "Gahh! Okay, fine, pinky promise you'll never tell anyone?"

A: "Pinky promise, now tell me."

E: "I can't believe one little question got me into tell you this...I love singing."

A: "Singing?"

E: "Yeah, please don't laugh."

A: "I won't laugh! Sing for me!"

E: "No!"

A: "I drew for you when you asked me!"

E: "Well...this is different!"

A: "Hmm. You'll sing for me one day, Eli, I can sense it."

E: "In your dreams, clever-clogs."

A: "Clever-clogs does not sound cool."

E: "No, but because I'm really cool I can pull it off."

A: "You have an ego the size of the moon."

E: "And you love it."

A: "Do some work before I slap you."

E: "Yes, ma'am."

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