Eli & Aeryn: Six

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A: "You didn't have to work with me in maths, you know."

E: "Teacher told us to work in partners, I couldn't work on my own."

A: "But you had plenty of other people who would've wanted to work with you to choose from."

E: "I know."

A: "So why-"

E: "Aeryn."

A: "What?"

E: "We've discussed this, we are friends. Friends talk to each other, friends choose to work with each other in lessons."

A: "But they're your friends too."

E: "Yeah, but I prefer working with you."

A: "You hardly see them anymore, isn't that a bad thing?"

E: "Not when I have someone like you to be with."

A: "Someone like me?"

E: "You're just so different."

A: "Normally when people say that to me it doesn't mean anything nice."

E: "It's a compliment from me, you're like a breath of fresh air."

A: "A breath of strange, not very talkative, boring fresh air?"

E: "Exactly."

A: "You don't make any sense, Eli."

E: "I'm not alive to make sense."

A: "You're not alive for anything. We'll all die eventually and soon no one will even remember we existed."

E: "Well aren't you a veritable ray of sunshine?"

A: "It's true though."

E: "An existence where I get the chance to know you is an existence worth having."

A: "I bet you say that to all the girls."

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