Eli & Aeryn: Forty Five

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A: "I can't believe you!"

E: "Oh, you're talking to me now?"

A: "You got us into this mess but you seem just fine with it!"

E: "I think you might be overreacting slightly."

A: "Eli, we're in detention."

E: "Oh, that's what this is? I was completely unaware-"

A: "And not just normal detention, no, after school detention."

E: "I think you are Hermione Granger reincarnated."

A: "...that's a pretty good compliment, thank you."

E: "But we're only here because of your self righteous indignation, I didn't do anything."

A: "My what?"

E: "Your bitter ranting about unfair grading on our project."

A: "It was unfair-"

E: "And the only reason you aren't here on your own right now is because I objected to your punishment which I don't think Mr Roberts really appreciated."

A: "...thanks for that by the way."

E: "You're welcome."

A: "...and sorry for blaming you."

E: "That's quite alright, Aeryn."

A: "I've never had a detention before, this isn't a very fun time for me."

E: "Me neither. But even if we weren't here we'd probably still be together, just somewhere else, so I guess this isn't so bad."

A: "We are scraping gum off of tables."

E: "Irrelevant."

A: "I think it is pretty relevant, as much as I treasure your company, your presence does not make this a good time."

E: "That's pretty hurtful, considering I'm only here because I'm a nice person."

A: "Guilt tripping doesn't work on me."

E: "..."

A: "Puppy eyes don't work either."

E: "Has anyone ever told you that you're cute when you're angry?"

A: "Piss off."

E: "Ooo, feisty."

A: "..."

E: "OW! Okay, I'll shut up now!"

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