Eli & Aeryn: Eight

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E: "Hey Aeryn! I saw this really cool thing that I thought you'd love and I - Aeryn?"

A: "Hey, Eli."

E: "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

A: "It doesn't matter."

E: "Of course it matters! Tell me what's wrong, I can help!"

A: "You can't."

E: "I can't even try if you don't tell me."

A: "She died two years ago today."

E: "Who?"

A: "I came home and she was just lying there. She wouldn't wake up, I tried. I tried to wake her but she wouldn't."

E: "Aeryn, who is it?"

A: "My mum. She's gone."

E: "Oh, Aeryn."

A: "I know you'll probably say two years is a long time, I should have gotten over it by now, but can't."

E: "I would never say that-"

A: "And I know I still have my dad, I love him so much but I was so close to my mum and I just feel so sad that it feels like I can't breathe."

E: "I'm so sorry, I knew you just lived with your dad but I didn't think this..."

A: "Sometimes I just feel so alone."

E: "You're not."

A: "Not what?"

E: "You're not alone. You have me. You'll always have me."

A: "Pinky promise?"

E: "Pinky promise."

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