Eli & Aeryn: Thirty Six

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The image on the side is by @EHBauer, and I really like it, it's quotes from this story, and I thought that was really nice! Thank you! ^-^

The idea for this chapter came from @ContentWithYou, I saw it, thought it looked fun and instantly wrote this, so thanks! :]


E: "I don't know how you convinced me to do this."

A: "You're keeping Pringle for an extra week."

E: "Ah, yeah."

A: "Besides, you're going to enjoy this, you just don't know it yet."

E: "I've ice-skated before, Aeryn, and I'm absolutely horrendous at it."

A: "Practice makes perfect."

E: "Don't spout righteous quotes at me."

A: "I can help you, come on, it's nearly Christmas and ice-skating is almost tradition."

E: "You seem to like everything that is traditional and seasonal."

A: "Yep."

E: "And you seem to like everything that I don't like."

A: "Yep."

E: "Is this the Christmas surprise thing you made me pinky promise to do?"

A: "Nope."

E: "You are Satan personified."

A: "We could sit around here all day while you compliment me or you could get off your ass and onto the ice."

E: "I'll take the former."

A:"No you won't."

E: "Aeryn!"

A: "Come on!"

E: "I'm coming, jeez!"

A: "See you're doing fine - oh, oops."

E: "Aeryn, I can't do this, I'm useless."

A: "No, hang on! Come here, hold my hands!"

E: "...okay."

A: "Now just concentrate, hold on to me and just walk like you do normally."

E: "I look ridiculous."

A: "Hush."

E: "..."

A: "Now when you step, slide your feet forwards a bit, yeah, like that!"

E: "...I'm skating!"

A: "You're doing great!"

E; "This feels really cool, kind of like I'm flying - ouch!"

A: "Yeah, you might need to learn to brake."

E: "Shut up, I'm a beginner."

A: "Yeah, yeah."

E: "..."

A: "You're still holding my hand."

E: "I need extra support."

A: "Suuuure."

E: "Does it bother you?"

A: "Not at all."

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