Eli & Aeryn: Twenty Three

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Credit goes to @thesummersandal for this chapter. It's a little random, but I thought it was funny. I hope you don't mind me using other people's ideas, I'm not being lazy, I just like them. :P

GUYS, did you know we're at over 100,000 reads, over 5000 votes and the other day we were #6 in short story? That's awesome! :D


A: "I guess I should have seen this coming."

E: "Hm?"

A: "This is revenge for the Haunted House, isn't it?"

E: "Are you not enjoying yourself?"

A: "I would if it wasn't so damn cold."

E: "Aeryn, you could win a medal for complaining."

A: "This is such a strange thing to do as well, who goes rowing for fun?"

E: "You agreed to come, so you can't hate it that much. Also thought it would be good to try out this method of travel before we take our driving tests next week."

A: "Don't know why I agreed to have mine at the same time as you. Arghh, it's cold!"

E: "Okay....here, have my jacket, you wimp."

A: "Charming."

E: "As ever."

A: "Do want me to have a turn at rowing?"

E: "No, the fair maiden shall not do the manual labour. Take in the view, it's really pretty here."

A: "It is."

E: "Hey, what's that over there?"

A: "What?"

E: "..."

A: "Eli, you're rowing a little fast."

E: "It's fine."

A: "You shouldn't really lean like that either, you'll-"

E: "It'll be fine, I just wanna see - AHHH!"

A: "Eli, you idiot!"

E: "It's freezing!"

A: "Oh, really!?"

E: "Your sarcasm is not welcome here!"

A: "Well, I guess I'll just row back and - stop rocking the - ELI!"

E: "I just thought you'd want to see how nice the water is."

A: "ELI!"

E: "Yes?"

A: "When we get out of this, I am going to...I am going to do something unpleasant to you."

E: "You're going to have to get in line, I'm afraid. We just capsized that man's boat over there, he doesn't look very happy."

A: "We? This is all you!"

E: "We're all in this together!"

A: "Don't quote High School Musical at me."

E: "We've got to work, work, work this out!"

A: "I'm done with you, I'm swimming back."

E: "Wait for me!"

A: "No."

E: "...fair enough."

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