Eli & Aeryn: Thirty Four

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Sorry for the wait! Finished moving and unpacking today, so hopefully I can get ideas and write quicker now. :)

Got the really cute idea and name for the little one in this chapter from @EmilyTheReader!


A: "Eli, I am so excited!"

E: "I'm probably going to find out horrifically that I am deadly allergic."

A: "It will be staying at my house anyway, and if you're allergic I can keep it all to myself, so I don't mind."

E: "You don't mind the possibility of my death as long as you get the kitten all to yourself?"

A: "Pretty much."

E: "You flatter me, Aeryn."


E: "Calm down, you yelled right in my ear!"

A: "Sorry, it's just...KITTENS!"

E: "Yeah, yeah. Come on, let's go and choose one."

A: "..."

E: "..."

A: "Oh, Eli, look at them, aren't they adorable!"

E: "...AWW!"

A: "I knew you'd love them."

E: "Aeryn, they're so cute!"

A: "I know!"

E: "Can we have them all?"

A: "Eli..."

E: "What!"

A: "I don't have room in my house for all of them!"

E: "Irrelevant."

A: "I'm afraid it is very relevant."

E: "But - but - Aeryn!"

A: "Hush, we need to choose one."

E: "This is so hard, they're all so nice!"

A: "I know, oh my goodness, they're so soft!"

E: "Which one though?"

A: "I don't - THAT ONE!"

E: "Which one?"

A: "That one, the completely black, little one sleeping in the corner!"

E: "It looks so sweet, that one is perfect. The sign next to her says she's a girl, aww."

A: "Eli, what shall we name her?"

E: "Um...Pringle."

A: "Pringle?"

E: "...yeah."

A: "Why Pringle?"

E: "I like Pringles, and I like that little cat."

A: "And that's a valid reason to name our cat Pringle? Because you like the food?"

E: "Yes."

A: "...alright, Pringle it is."

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