Eli & Aeryn: Nineteen

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E: "Hi, can I take your - Aeryn?"

A: "Eli! I didn't know you work here?"

E: "Yeah, as of Saturday, forgot to tell you."

A: "What made you want to work in a coffee shop, then?"

E: "Y'know that stuff I said about going on a road trip around the world? Yeah, I realised that in order to do that I'll need driving lessons and a vehicle, meaning I actually need to earn money because mum thinks I need to assume responsibility in my life."

A: "Sounds like fun."

E: "So what are you doing here?"

A: "Me and my dad meet here after school and when he finishes work on Tuesdays. We drink coffee and talk."

E: "Don't tell me you drink all the boring drinks like just coffee?"

A: "Yeah?"

E: "There's a huge menu of really exotic drinks here and you go for plain coffee?"

A: "Exotic, yeah right."

E: "Just choose from this menu."

A: "Fine. Okay, I'll have...that one."

E: "That one?"

A: "Yeah."

E: "You do realise that on that list there are a lot of drinks and you saying 'that one' and pointing does not tell me which one you want."

A: "I can't pronounce it!"

E: "Never mind. Just go and sit down and I'll bring you something."

A: "..."

E: "Okay, so here's your drink."

A: "What is it?"

E: "It's a surprise."

A: "Eli-"

E: "Try it."

A: "It looks-"

E: "Drink."

A: "Okay!"

E: "Taste good?"

A: "That's amazing!"

E: "Yeah, I was made for this job, I am the top drink producer, the beverage boss, the coffee king, the-"

A: "That guy is shouting at you to go back to work."

E: "Oh, yeah. Working is probably a good idea."

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