02: Ink Property

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"Holy crap," you blurt out before you can stop yourself, then clamp your hands over your mouth.

The very insanely gorgeous guy named Jungkook raises a brow at you, looking you up and down slowly and obviously. There's an arrogant, superior glint in his eyes. Then he looks at Hoseok. "What did you just say?"

"Y/N here picked your tattoo," says the brunette cheerfully. He plays with one of his gages as he grins at Jungkook, holding out the thick sheet of paper with the sketch for his inspection.

When Jungkook's eyes fall on the sketch, his eyes go large. "Hyung," he hisses, snatching desperately for the paper. "I thought I told you to take this down!"

Hoseok allows him to take the paper back, never losing the cat-like grin spread across his face. He responds, and then Jungkook says something, and then they go off. The two tussle and banter back and forth, but you can't pay any attention to what they're saying.

You can't focus.

You can't think.

Because you know him.

This Jungkook guy, you've seen his face in a place where people don't want to be seen.

Those piercing doe eyes, and the nose below sloping elegantly down to an uneven mouth with a thin upper lip but a full lower one are unmistakably familiar, studded with the same double lip piercings, one in each side of his bottom lip. His soft-looking black hair had been brown in that fated picture that you saw on the last day you spent with your parents, and the matching cross tattoo on his cheek is also a new addition, but it's the same handsome face. He's a knockout for sure, ten out of ten, but the place that you remember seeing him drains any drop of attractiveness from your mind.

Because he was centered directly in the middle of your father's office board, surrounded by little red strings connecting him to various events that you now wish you'd paid more attention too.

Vaguely, you wonder if he's a good guy or a bad guy in this whole game of life.

If he was in your dad's office, you really can't tell.

"That's our policy, Kookie-yah," teases Hoseok lightly as you force your mind back to the conflict at hand. "Anything displayed on the walls is a choice for customers. And this was on the wall."

"But it shouldn't have been." Jungkook's melodic voice has dropped into a snarl, and he glares furiously at the older brunette. The silver-haired man, Tae, looks a little nervous to be so near Jungkook while the tattoo gun is still in his hand.

Said ebony-headed man whirls on you, crossing his ink-covered arms over the impressive expanse oh his chest.

"Sorry," he says, "But you'll have to pick something else. This is a personal design."

You flounder under his intense gaze, glancing unsurely at Hoseok. You don't like that he's looking at you. The fact that your father has a picture of him leaves a bad taste in your mouth. "Um..."

"No. This is her tattoo now. She picked it." Hoseok snatches the design from Jungkook and forces it back into your hands, which you don't appreciate. Jungkook now looks like he's going to hack you into pieces and recapture the sketch.

Dang it, Y/N. This is what happens when you try to do something new.

Gritting their teeth, Jungkook and Hoseok stare eachother down for a solid two minutes, during which you and Tae exchange an awkward glance.

"Um," you say hesitantly. "Hey."

"Hey," answers the silver-headed man in a shockingly deep, raspy voice. "I'm Taehyung. I would say it's nice to meet you, but under the circumstances..."

Both of your gazes trail back to the two men locked in the staring contest of the century.

"Likewise," you murmur.

Finally, the younger man relents under Hosoek's stare and hisses a curse under his breath. Turning to face you, Jungkook sighs and pinches the bridge between his nose.

"Look," he groans. "I understand that you didn't do anything wrong and you didn't know not to pick this one, so I'll make you a deal." He pauses, glancing with dark eyes at the other two men in the room. "As soon as my hyungs get out."

"Jungkook-" Hoseok starts, but gets cut off immediately.

"I'm giving her the tattoo, hyung, I just have a condition." Jungkook grins a little, licking at one of his lip rings. As he does, you see a flash of silver inside his mouth. Tongue piercing? "It's not any of your concern. Client confidentiality."

With a deep, soul-wrenching sigh, Hoseok places his hands on his hips and says, "Fine. Her paperwork's on the counter there. Come on, Tae Tae."

At Hoseok's beconking, Taehyung hops up and follows after, still bare-chested with his shirt clutched in his hands. Once again, you flush hot at the sight of a man's bare torso at such close range, forcing your eyes to stay away even though they long to explore the designs printed along the skin of his lean body.

The two men exit the room quickly, both throwing you a reassuring smile as the door closes behind them.

Then, you and Jungkook are alone.

"Sit down and let's talk," he says immediately into the silence, motioning for you to take a seat in the reclining chair.

You do so silently, keeping a wary eye on him as you hold your chosen tattoo close to your chest. Dissappointment floods through you at the thought of having to chose another. You don't know why, but you feel such a strong connection to this design. These flowers, intertwined so closely as if they're clinging to eachother for dear life, catch your heart.

If you're getting something stuck on your body for the rest of your life, this is what you want.

Jungkook sits in a rolling chair, which he scoots over closer to you so he can look at your face. The man takes one look at you, scrunched up on the recliner with wide eyes and holding on to his sketch like it's a life preserver and you're drowning, and he groans.

"Listen...what was it? Y/N?"

"Y/N," you confirm. You try to stop yourself from wilting under his intense gaze. Why can't you just be normal? It's not like he's going to murder you in this back room.

Jungkook braces his elbows on his knees and leans forward, using his pearly teeth to play with one of his lip rings. "Here's the deal," he says. "This design wasn't supposed to be out there, but in the end that's my mistake. So, I'll put this tattoo on you, but you have to promise me something."

Oh. Do tattoos usually come with conditions like this? "Okay," you says slowly. "What?"

Jungkook leans back in the chair and rolls one of his shoulder blades back, sighing in satisfaction when it pops.

"You have to remember," he says in a low, serious breath, "-that that tattoo will never be yours. It's mine. And you better frickin make sure that every single person who sees it knows this: this ink is property of Jeon Jungkook."

The heck?

This will probably be my last update for anything this week, because my finals start tomorrow. For anyone else testing this week, good luck! ❤️❤️

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