45: Fine

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"I'm coming with you."

You tie your shoes, glaring at the men standing over you as they shrug on coats and hats in the flattering color of covert-op black.

If they didn't look so danged hot all dolled up in dark, sleek clothing, you would tease them about the monochromatic color scheme.

With the look in Namjoon's eyes as he slides on a black baseball cap, you forgo the teasing and stick to a serious, "I'm not kidding. I'm coming with you."

"No one thought you were kidding. You aren't coming." Firm and resolved, Yoongi picks a piece of fuzz off of his jacket and rolls his shoulders.

Taehyung looks tempted to defend you but doesn't open his mouth, relenting himself to the judgement of the older men. He does spare you the tiniest sympathetic glance, his large, beautiful eyes angling down to convey his feelings to you.

The older men that were mentioned before give you a look reminiscent of one received by a pink-saturated toddler throwing a hissy fit.

Jin sighs, flat out. "Just stay here, okay? If we have you out and about and things go wrong, we've got a limited amount of ways to get you out."

"In other words, you're a liability," says Yoongi bluntly. "We don't have to worry about keeping you out of their hands if our little friend Seoungmin shows up again with his men."

Pursing his lips at Yoongi's no-nonsense method, Jin turns gentle eyes on you. "Stay here, and stay safe. Just for now. It's easier this way."

The sincerity in his words causes you to relent, a lot easier than you thought you would.

You guess that isn't the worst reasoning in the world. They just want to keep you safe; why should you fight that?

These men are making your hard-earned independent spirit grow soft and marshmallow-like.

As he slips on a dull black beanie to cover his startling orange hair, Jimin nods with a slight smile. We won't be gone for nearly as long this time. Just a visit." Jungkook appears from the hallway, black hair shimmering in the sunlight, and the shorter man's smile grows sly. "Besides, someone has to stay here to keep Jungkook out of trouble, huh?"

Pausing mid-step at the words, the youngest's lips curve down into a frown. "What are you talking about? I'm coming with you."

A heaving sigh sounds from somewhere in the group of men, and you can basically hear their thoughts.

Here we go again. This sounds awfully familiar.

Jimin's eyebrows shoot up his forehead.

He glances at Namjoon with eyes widened with surprise. "You are? Are you sure?"

"Of course I am." Straightening the lines of his leather jacket (as you take the opportunity to subtly drool at him in a leather jacket), Jungkook sends his brothers a look deemed incredulous by the scrunching of his ebony eyebrows. "Why would I not?"

Yoongi, who's now ready and slumped against the wall as he waits for the others, holds up a hand. As he speaks, his fingers flick down one by one.  "Well, let's count here. You're injured, you need to keep an eye on Y/N, we don't need Mina distracted with trying to seduce you-"

"Really, hyung?" Jungkook scoffs. "I'm fine. Completely capable, and you know it."

"Really, Jungkook." There's no teasing in Yoongi's chocolate eyes; they're all cool logic and reason. "You may think you're well enough to come along, but you're slow. Your reaction time is slow. You're still hurting. Right now you couldn't beat any one of us, no matter how hard you tried."

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