58: Dress Up

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"You cannot wear that."

The voice is blunt, condescending, and clad with a general casualty that drives you to clenching your fists until the knuckles stand out bone-white under your skin.

If you hear that voice one more time, your brain might implode inside your skull.

You can't afford splattering your own brain matter across Mina's bedroom when you need to focus on getting Taehyung and everyone else out safe and sound.

This is it - today is the day.

More specifically, tonight is the night.

As you get dressed in Mina's room, the men are decking themselves out in the classic combo of black-tied tuxedos and dark-metaled handguns. Tonight, you're going to rescue Taehyung from your gross failure of a father and end this once and for all.

That is, if you can manage to get out the door in a dress Mina approves of.

The one you're wearing now is apparently not up to her standards.

In the mirror, the simple black dress looks completely fine. It's knee length and sleeveless, with a cute skirt that flows out in an A line from your waist.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But Mina still says, "I swear, you cannot go to a party in that. You look like a waitress."

Gritting your teeth, you run the flat of your hands down the dress' skirt and gradually rotate to face Mina.

She's sitting on her bed, cross-legged and glaring, like the dress you chose from her own closet is some sort of slimy, horrifying monster.

"This is your dress," you say slowly, tempering your voice to stay polite. "It's subtle and it'll help me blend in."

"It's boring." Tossing her hair, Mina pushes herself up, standing before you in all her slender, perfect glory. She sneers. "I wore that to my grandmother's funeral."

"Just leave it," you groan. You turn to the mirror and start to pull your hair up into a conservative bun. This is a rescue mission, completely opposite to your original intention to stand out, loud and proud.

You think blending in will be way better then standing out in this situation.

"Look," Mina sighs, "I'm sorry if I'm being a jerk, but I'm just telling you honestly. You legitimately cannot wear that to a party. Nobody is going to take you seriously."

Determined with her own plan, Mina marches back to her closet, where she has a shockingly large array of glittering cocktail dresses and formal gowns.

At you initial reaction of incredulity, she had simply shrugged and said, "what's wrong with liking to dress up and look pretty?"

You had snapped your mouth shut, because technically, the answer was nothing.

Although you refuse to give in to her overzealous attempts to stuff you into a purple mermaid dress with a tulle train, you suppose you can't avoid every dress Mina throws your way.

"Here," she exclaims suddenly, bouncing on her toes in excitement as she pulls something long and fire-engine red from the closet. "This is perfect. You have to wear this one."

Of course it's the gaudiest, most vibrant red - how much more cliche could you possibly get at this point?

"Heck no!" you hiss like a cat that's been thrown into a bucket of water, swatting at the dress as Mina parades it around in front of you.

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