18: Be Our Guest

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It isn't much longer that the door swings open to admit yet another thorn in your side.

"Hey, Y/N!" Jin says with a cute smile, lingering in the open doorway. His tone is that of an old friend that you haven't seen in ages; not of a kidnapping criminal who you saw as you were forced into a creeper van an hour ago.

You bow your head slightly in greeting, waiting for him to come in and sit down to interrogate you like the rest of the group.

However, against your expectations, he doesn't move in any further.

"Come on," Jin says. "I'm breaking you out. Let's go."

Breaking...you out? When he's one of the ones who put you in?

How far out is he talking here?

Out of the room? Off of this floor?

Out of the building?

"Um...okay?" you say, because anything is better than staying in this sterile white box of misery for any longer. You stand from the chair and edge toward him, staying far enough away to watch him in case he tries to blindfold you or something again.

Jin sees your hesitation, and laughs. The motion stretches his beautiful lips thin, flashing toothpaste-commercial-worthy teeth.

"No tricks, I swear," he tells you, as if the word of a hardened criminal will give you any confidence.

You hum uncertainly in response, creeping behind him as he leads you out of the room and into a hallway. There are several doors on either side, similar to the back hallway of the tattoo shop.

Every door is closed, sealing off whatever might lie inside them: not that you want to know. As you pass one of the solid white doors, there's a thump that vibrates the whole door followed by a muffled yell.

You flinch away and look quickly to Jin.

He simply shrugs. "Ignore it. Just business."

The door thumps again and the voice inside whimpers, bur Jin takes your arm and leads you away. Unable to do anything else about it, you follow him.

"Where are we going?" you ask as Jin continues to drag you along. At the end of the hallway, a staircase leads up into the unknown. You remember this, the staircase that, at the top, an injured Jungkook swept you up into his arms so you wouldn't kill yourself going down the steps blindfolded.

"A guest room," Jin answers casually. "Where you belong. You're not here to spy on us or whatever crap Jungkook thinks. That wouldn't even make any sense."

"Why not?" That's sort of going against the whole reason they're keeping you here; they think you're a little spy, sent by your father. Right? You don't understand why Jin and Namjoon are suddenly convinced of your innocence.

"If you think about it, it doesn't make any logical sense for you to be here to do harm." Jin hops lightly up the steps, hair bouncing cutely.

The instant that the thought crosses your mind, you recoil. How are you still calling him cute?

The man freaking aided in kidnapping you.

"Namjoon already told you, right?" Jin continues on. "Your dad hired us to make sure that guy didn't kill you."

Yeah. You know that.

"And then he asked us to bring you home," says the tall man, flashing you a sweet smile. "Why would he be paying us to bring you back if he sent you in the first place? Doesn't make sense, does it?"


You pause mid-step, brain finally fully processing the 'daddy' comment that Namjoon made a couple minutes ago. He had implied, of course, but it doesn't really hit you until now.

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