57: Assumption Observation

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Within an hour, Jin's managed to pull an in-depth blueprint of the hotel out of thin air.

It's the exact kind of hotel you'd expect for this type of thing- the one out of the movies, with crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and gold-gilded hallway with plush carpets running through. The ballroom is a monstrous room, grand enough to be nestled like a gem into the interior of a brilliant castle. The floors are pure marble, and the ceilings are trimmed in brilliant gold.

If they don't have an ice sculpture of a swan in the middle of the party, you'll be thoroughly disappointed.

The blueprints of the layout are spread across the entirety of Wooseok's tiny kitchen table, your host hovering nervously at the edge of the room. It appears that no matter how generous the group of hitmen has been to him, he's still wary in their presence.

As Yoongi and Hoseok stand over the blueprints, pointing out spots and things that you don't understand the significance of, you stand on the outskirts of the group and watch them plan.

The atmosphere is electric and ready, energized to action by the thought of taking back Taehyung from the dregs of humanity.

Your heart is pumping, racing like never before with the eagerness to bust into that hotel and get your brother out.

At the thought, you pause, startled.

Your brother.

He feels like your brother.

They all do, except for one.

Your gaze lingers on the slope of broad shoulders hunched over the blueprints, fingers rubbing absently at an ear piercing as black eyes concentrate down on paper.

Jungkook sucks a breath in through his teeth and tilts his head, tracing his finger along a line on the paper.


He's beautiful.

"So what exactly prompted all of this?"

The smooth voice comes out of nowhere, making you jump a little with the abruptness of it.

Your mind blanks for a moment, dropping Jungkook out of the train car of your passing thoughts.

With curious eyes Namjoon observes you, his full lips tucked together into a contemplative expression.

"Sorry?" you ask, scrambling to recover your brain's functioning.

"All of this." Long fingers splay out in the air, motioning to the group of men pouring over blueprints and arguing whether air ducts or elevator shafts are more viable options. "No offense, but you usually aren't one to spark the upstart of things like this."

He's not wrong.

Usually, you're the one in the back, going along for the ride on whatever crazy plan the men have conjured up from those illegally-wired brains of theirs.

"It'll sound stupid," you sigh. "Can't you just accept that you guys are rubbing off on me?"

A soft laugh bubbles up from Namjoon's lips, soft and deep like rich silk. "Nope. Let's hear it."

You tilt your head back, letting it hit the wall behind you, and focus your eyes on the ceiling.

This way you won't see him laughing. "I had a dream."

"About Taehyung?"

"No." You bite your lip, letting your eyes drift close as memories of the domestic bliss from your dream come drifting back, filling you with a nostalgic feeling.

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