03: Pins and Needles

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"You want me...to be your property?"

There aren't any other words that you can muster other than those, and you stare incredulously at the man. He can't be serious. His property?

What does he want you to do? Throw your clothes off in the middle of a crowd so all can see the design carved into your skin? Behold! This is the glory of Jeon Jungkook!

Are you a walking art exhibit now?

"Ah!" Jungkook immediately says, hearing your words. A slight blush is bubbling up his neck, barely showing in the minuscule gaps of bare skin between his tattoos. For the first time since you met him, he's flustered, waving his hands in a negating motion at you. "No, no, not you. The ink. The design. That's my design."


Your statement caught him off guard.

You guess he expected you to cower in the chair like a little trembling  hamster and agree to anything he said because he's a tall, dark and handsome bad boy. Now he's backtracking just as quickly as he laid a claim to your tattoo.

"I'm not really sure what you want me to do with that condition," you say slowly, uncertainly, "-but as long as it doesn't mean I'm your slave for the rest of my life, then whatever."

It's not like you're ever going to see him again. How will he even know if you keep his request? Is he gonna stalk you day and night, keeping watch over you to make sure that you tell anyone who will listen that the tattoo on your body was designed by him?

He might be a little crazy, but you don't think he'll go that far.

Then again...

If he's on your dad's radar, he must've done something relatively crazy in the past.

Jungkook sighs,  running fingers through his black-as-night hair and scrunching it up. "Forget it," he mutters, doe eyes squinting shut. "I'll do the tattoo. If anyone asks, at least say you got it from this shop. Okay?"

"Deal," you sputter out quickly, before he can change his mind and attempt to lay claim to your whole person.

When the man patiently holds out a large, masculine hand in order to take the sketch from you, you hesitantly hand it over. Jungkook just sits for a moment, looking over the delicate pencil strokes while rubbing his right side.

Biting his lip, he reveals a little freckle in the little crease above his chin when he glances at you.

"This piece is supposed to be pretty big," he tells you. "I would suggest the back or the side. I might be able to curve it around your shoulder or modify it if you want a half-sleeve, but-"

A sudden thought comes to you. "What about on my thigh?" It would be pretty there, feminine and delicate and easy to cover up if you wanted to. You can just imagine the beautiful expands of the flowers twisting and winding down your hip and splaying out across the expanse of your thigh.

But when you see Jungkook's face, you once again doubt your own judgement.

He's grimacing, almost reluctant.

"Yeah. The thigh would work, but I'd rather not." When he spits out the words, you lean away from him at the force of his tone. Then you realize what you did.

Dang it. This is your new start. If you couldn't stand up to anyone before, you sure as heck need to now. Being a meek little mouse is what got you stuck in that world of lies and deceit your parents crafted around you.

You're controlling the game. This is your game.

If you want it on your thigh, then Jeon Jungkook better freaking put that ink on your thigh.

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