56: Taehyung

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"He's asleep," Jungkook yawns.

The words are the first thing your consciousness registers.

Next is the cream-colored walls, then the warm fire burning scarlet and amber in an iron-grated fireplace. The floor is mellow wood that softens the dark forest green accents enough to melt into the chocolate brown of the furniture.

It's smells like vanilla again, homey and soft and warm.

You peer around at the heavenly room, confused.

Weren't you just at Wooseok's house?

Jungkook is settled into the chocolate leather sofa, one arm behind his head and the other holding your waist, keeping you tucked sweet and safe into his side.

He's in a simple grey T-shirt and sweatpants, and barefoot. He looks so happy and relaxed that it's disconcerting.

When have you seen him like this? With no worries or burdens in sight?

The entire concept is juxtaposed by the presence of his tattoos, curling like vines around his biceps and throat and wrist in familiar patterns that you've come to love. Their beauty is a reminder of how difficult and hard to bear his life is - so how is he so unburdened now?

With a sigh, Jungkook turns his head and lets his lips brush your earlobe. "I have to work tomorrow," he hums, "but I took the morning shift so I can get home before nighttime. We can all eat dinner together."


Is he speaking about his brothers, as well?

Maybe this is the new house is where you all reside, free of any concerns. If so, then you're more than happy to fall into the illusion which you're rapidly realizing is a dream.

Your fuzzy consciousness is just like last time, when you dreamed of the bakery in Jin's pristinely-carpeted mansion.

Before you knew Jungkook could ever sway your heart.

"So, I was thinking," says the subject of your thoughts, "-that maybe we could consider you getting a job soon?"

A job?

You glance around the beautiful room again and marvel at how you can afford it when you don't even have a job.

"Um...sure," you say uncertainly. "A job. Easy peasy."

Jungkook can hear the strange lilt in your voice and straightens to look you in the eye.

His black gaze is gentle and melty, like softening butter in the sun. "I know it'll be hard. And it's not that we need money, but I don't want you to feel trapped here, Y/N. Find something you love to do and do it. I want you to be happy."

"I am happy," you say immediately, but pause at your quick response.

Who was that answering? Dream-you, or the you who understands that this is all a big play in your head?

Are you happy?

Jungkook pulls you with strong arms into his lap, turning you so your legs rest on the couch and you're sideways. He laces two soft kisses across your neck, breathing against you with warm breath.

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