59: Black Ties and Blundering

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Red is Jungkook's favorite.

Emerging from the bathroom has never been such a heart-pounding ordeal before now.

You scrunch up the silky fabric of your dress in your hands, nerves gnawing at your mind as you smooth it back out.

The hallway spills out into the living room and kitchen, where the men are milling around, speaking to each other in hushed voices that translate to you some of the sobriety they're all obviously feeling.

Even Jimin's chihuahua-like state of hyperactivity has eased into seriousness as he leans into Hoseok, listening to whatever the man is saying.

Jungkook is on the couch, just visible by the back of his ebony-haired head. As you peek around the entryway, he lifts a hand and almost runs it through the soft skeins of his hair. However, his hand stops midair, then drops out of sight as his head tilts down in what appears to be a sigh.

He leans forward, and you get a clear view of the ink scrolling across the back front his neck.

"Y/N." Namjoon's observant eyes have noticed you hovering at the outer rim of the room, reluctant to enter. You hide your body behind the wall, suddenly camera-shy while Mina's words scream like a siren in your head.

Red is Jungkook's favorite.

Wincing, you shake your head rapidly to expel the thought. This is not what you need to be focusing on right now. Taehyung has been kidnapped, and you're about to wander into a room full of killers in order to rescue him. Whether Jungkook starts drooling over you in a red dress or not is completely inconsequential right now.

Said man turns his head at the sound of your name, eyes searching for you.

They find you, and your breath is suddenly gone as they lock with yours.

So deep and black, the kind of eyes that you could fall into with endless, mindless contentment. His gaze pulls you in like a lure, intense and dark.

"What are you doing?" Jin tilts his head to the side, curious as to why your head has entered the room but not the rest of your body. "You look like a floating head. Come out here."

Now they're all looking at you, confused at your hesitancy to show yourself. Clearing your throat to seem as casual as possible, you step out from behind the wall, unconsciously flickering your gaze to Jungkook as the blood-red dress flows out with you. Your leg flashes out through the side slit, and Yoongi whistles.

"Well, you're sure to make a statement," says Jin dryly, lofting one arched eyebrow high.

You blush, realizing with a sudden humiliation that if they look too closely, they'll see the violet blotches of Jungkook's "painting" littering the clean-lined petals of the tattoo.

Indeed, Jin, who's always much more observant that you give him credit for, lets his lips tighten into a smirk on one side; his already arched brows rise and inch or two higher.

Thankfully, he chooses to say nothing as your leg slides back into the waves of the garment.

On the couch, Jungkook turns full to face you, letting you see the full, devastating effect of his face. His hair, which he normally wears down and soft to frame his face, is gelled up to reveal his forehead and eyes in magnificent clarity.

His eyes, which widen by the slightest margin. His lips part to a tiny gape, dark brows arching only the ittiest bit. Although subtle, his eyes are alight with delicious shock at the sight of you all wrapped up in red.

You wait with bated breath for his silky voice to ring out and say something - anything.

However, against the fiery expectations gleaming scarlet and hopeful in your chest, Jungkook's expression snaps back into blank calmness. His lips touch back together, his eyes falling into their normal doe-like state, and the planes of his face relax.

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