26: Wake Up

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You're in a bakery.

The air is alight with a warm fragrance of chocolate and cinnamon and spices, notes of vanilla floating through. Wide windows let in radiant sunlight that caresses each curve, edge, and dip in the simple room.

Honey-golden wood floors and rustic, light tables fill the space with airiness and openness.

A long glass bar showcases freshly basked muffins, cinnamon rolls, and a tray of chocolate chip cookies.

You inhale deeply through your nose, reveling in the ambiance.

"Oh! You're here!"

A cheerful voice pulls your attention to the doorway to the kitchen.

In it stands a man in a soft, creamy sweater, whose smile makes a calm, peaceful feeling settle in your chest. His face is clean and clear of all piercings or tattoos, only skin and angles and the natural beauty of him.

"Hi, Namjoon," you breathe, staring at the tray of sweet rolls he's cradling to his chest.

His dimple makes an appearance as he motions back to the doorway through which he came.

"We've been waiting on you," Namjoon says sweetly. "Jin made your favorite brownies. Everyone's in the back."

After nodding you back, Namjoon whisks the tray off to the counter in order to put the sweet rolls inside.

Meanwhile, you wander through the door into the back, peeking your head around the frame.

Within is an elegant man in an apron, stirring a bowl of dough with a wooden spoon in the midst of a homey kitchen. He's splattered with flour, his rosebud lips pursed in a slight smile.

Behind him at a round table sit two more men, chattering with each other and with the cooks

They're all dressed in shades of white and cream and eggshell, the slightest glow gracing their skin to the point that you have to almost squint when you look at them.

None of them have their normal piercings and tattoos.

The way the two at the table speak to each other reminds you of a pair of close siblings.

"Jin," you murmur absently. "Jimin, Taehyung."

The three look up from their playful banter, each gifting you with a bright smile.

"Y/N!" Jimin cheers. He pops up from the table and embraces you for a moment, then motions back to the table. "You're here! Look, these are for you and your..." He trails off, shooting a sly grin at Taehyung and wiggling his eyebrows. "...your man."

Your man?

Your peering gaze of confusion doesn't register with the men as they all laugh at Jimin's statement. Taehyung passes off a small plate of thick, chocolate-studded brownies into your hands.

"Peanut-butter chocolate chip," chirps Jin. "It's your favorite. Eat them all, or I'll stuff them down your throat."


You break off an edge of one and pop it into your mouth, gasping at the vivid tumult of flavors that cascades across the surface of your tongue. Your shocked expression prompts another round of laughter from the men in the kitchen.

"That face gets me every time," Taehyung giggles. "You always look the same when you eat Jin's brownies."

Always? Something about this whole situation is off, but you can't put a finger on why...

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