48: Moonchild

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Although you try your best to stay awake until the rest of the men get home, Jin finally forces you to go to sleep when you start holding your eyelids open with your index finger and thumb.

"I'm fine," you say, not blinking even though the air is burning your eyes into dried, wrinkly raisins. "I want to know they're safe."

A huge huff of exasperation flees Jin's perfect lips. "You're exhausted, Y/N, and it's late. I'll wake you up when they get back. Okay?"

"Ulkay," you think you mumble, not totally conscious. The dark curtains of sleep are closing in on you, coercing your head to give in to the velvet night coating the inside.

Abandoning your own will, you push yourself up from the couch and stumble back into the bedrooms. You return to the room you used last, barely making it to the bed before you let your body go limp.

So tired.

It must be the general stress from the situation weighing you down, making you more exhausted than normal. You don't know.

You've grown so much in your exposure and experience with the world that maybe your mental capacity is outgrowing your own body. Your mind spins and whirls with a constant influx of new information, working even when your body is trying to rest.

It's exhausting.

In this moment, too, your mind zips from thought to thought, lingering on one in particular.

All you can think about as you drift into the sweet oblivion of sleep is how happy you'll be to see your boys safe and in reach again.

Your boys.

While the rest of your body goes limp in sleep, your lips curve into a smile.



Someone shakes your shoulder, urging your consciousness to come back to the surface.

Blearily, you peel an eye open.

Shadowy figures stand before you, like ghosts in the darkened room. A thin beam of moonlight is the only illumination available, striping lines of silver across the shadows. You blink the sleep out your eyes, peer through the dark trying to discern their features.

"Look," whispers a sweet voice you recognize as Jin's. "I brought you a surprise."

He moves aside, and into the moonlight steps the man that your heart secretly desires the most.

Jungkook gives you a crooked grin, the black ink of his tattoos camouflaging him into the deepening hue of the night. "Hi, Princess. I heard you couldn't sleep without me."

As hard as it is to think in the moment, the heaviness of slumber slipping away like suds down a car window, a bright light blinks awake in your brain.

Jungkook's home.

Jungkook's home.

Jungkook's home.

Almost without thought, you reach a hand out to touch him.

"Goodnight," Jin says, leaving the room quietly as your hand stays extended toward the magnetic counterpart of your soul.

You flop your hand limply in the air, then let your arm's weight drag itself back down the the bed with a thump.

You're too tired to hold it up any longer. Jungkook's just going to have to come down here to you.

The black-headed man laughs a little, but he sounds tired. The moonlight sheds only a little light against the dips and hollows of his face, and they're rendered even blurrier by your own exhaustion.

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