it's fine

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i had decided to go to one of justin's events. it seemed only fair, because he had gone to both the trinidad and tobago, and the italy game.

i watched as he walked up to me, smiling and running a hand through his hair.

"funny seeing you here." he looked up at me.

i smiled, staring simply,"well, i thought i'd come support the team, seeing as how you supported the hockey team."

justin shrugged,"more or less."

i chuckled, not sure how to respond to that, "well, either way, we're all on the same team."

he crossed his arms over his chest, keeping the smug demeanor he always seemed to have,"is that why you're here? thought you wanted to see me."

i shrugged, repeating what he had said earlier,"more or less."

he smirked,"i'll take what i can get."

"davis!" i heard the track coach yell.

justin sighed and hung his head,"i'll see you, scarlett."

i waved my hand and watched him walk back to places. the race was starting, and while i didn't know much about track or even which type of race he was doing, i figured justin was fast enough to win. he looks nimble enough to beat the others around him.

i felt a presence next to me and turned to see adam.

i gave him a confused look, wondering why he would want to be at a track meet,"what are you doing here?"

he shrugged, glancing at the racers speeding by,"i got bored and danny told me you where here."

i pushed my bottom lip out facetiously,"aww, did someone miss me?"

he laughed,"someone missed talking to someone who doesn't like to talk about hockey all the time."

"well, you've come to the right place." i replied. of course, i talked about hockey, but i only talk about it when need be. like during practice, or strategy for a game. it's not my topic of conversation at any given moment.

"figured," he nodded, deciding to change the subject,"so you're here to see justin?"

i could feel myself getting annoyed once again at the thought of another lecture,"well, that depends."

"on?" adam questioned, not sure where i was going with this.

"on whether or not you're gonna piss your pants if i tell you."

he laughed, shaking his head,"no, no, i'm done with that now. you're a big girl, make your own decisions."

i smiled, glad that he had finally reached that conclusion,"well, thank-"

"plus, danny says you don't wanna date while you're here." he added, making me wonder why he had talked to danny about my love life.

i raised my eyebrows,"you spoke to danny about me?"

he sucked in a breath, realizing he might have just been caught,"you're name might have come up."

i laughed,"yeah, okay."

i was about to return my attention to the boys and girls speeding down the black track, but adam seemed to have more to speak about, "oh, hey, by the way your brother, jack, called the hockey floor."

i bit my lip in confusion, unaware as to why jack would be calling,"what'd he say?"

adam looked up at the sky, trying to collect his thoughts,"he's coming to the next game."

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