rest in peace

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while fulton had decided to come back to eden, charlie still wasn't there yet. the first time any of us had seen him in days, was at hans' funeral.

he stood across the yard from the rest of us, choosing to grieve alone. adam and i stood by each other, holding hands for the first time in awhile. he was taking this whole thing very hard, and though i didn't know hans all that well, he was a big part of all of our lives and impacted them in ways i can't even begin to understand.

"forever and ever. amen," the preacher finished his prayer over hans' casket,"now, if-"

i looked with surprised eyes as bombay walked to the casket, setting a ducks jersey on top of it and turning to address us,"every time you touch the ice, remember it was hans who taught us to fly."

i watched a tear slide adam's cheek, and i squeezed his hand reassuringly. i turned to see charlie walking away, unable to handle all that was going on.

i frowned, thinking about going after him, but it wasn't me who needed to talk to him. it was coach.

we watched as hans was lowered into the ground, coach coming around to hug us all.

"hey, coach." i smiled lightly, standing in front of him.

"scarlett," he replied,"a little birdie told me that you're the captain of the team."

i sighed looking over at a guilty looking averman,"yeah, a really shitty one."

bombay sighed,"i'm sure you're a great captain."

"oh, you'd be surprised," i said, then shook my head, knowing this wasn't the time for me to be complaining,"i'm really sorry about hans."

he smiled flatly,"thank you."

i nodded, putting a hand on his arm,"you should probably go find charlie, though. he's been taking everything pretty badly for the last few months."

"i know, i'm hoping to get through to him tomorrow. i have a plan, scarlett, don't you worry." he informed me.

"okay," i glanced over at adam, who was standing with russ,"i should go over there, banksie know."

he nodded,"it was great seeing you, scarlett."

i smiled,"you too, coach."

adam and i sat on my couch, sitting far away from each other. i knew he didn't want to be alone, and i had actually been doing some thinking since the funeral.

and while i thought expressing your feelings of affection was one of the worst possible things you could do, i didn't have a choice. and adam was worth grossing myself out.

"adam," i started, turning to him and sitting with my legs crossed,"i think my timing for this is really inappropriate, but...i don't know, i don't want to waste my time anymore. the funeral showed me that, you never know when something is gonna get taken away from you. i don't want to not be with you anymore."

he smiled lightly, staring at the floor,"i know that was really hard for you to say."

"god, you have no idea." i shook my head, letting out a breath.

he laughed, and stared at me for a moment, thinking over what i had said.

eventually, he held his arms open, waiting to embrace me.

i bit the inside of my cheek, trying to hide my smile, before scooting closer and wrapping my arms around him. i rested my head on his chest, and felt him kiss the top of my head.

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