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adam and i walked into my dorm alone, seeing as everyone was against us,"are you really gonna join varsity?"

he shrugged,"are you really gonna be the captain?"

i bit my lip and stared at the floor,"i didn't see a question mark on the paper, i don't think it's optional."

adam nodded, sitting down on my couch,"yeah, i don't think i have a choice either."

i sighed and walked over to my mini fridge, grabbing a couple water bottles and sitting next to him,"everyone hates me."

"i think, they think that you did this on purpose," he admitted, taking a sip from his bottle,"i mean, you were the only one he didn't immediately hate. it's suspicious."

i hid my head in my hands, feeling increasingly frustrated,"do you think i did it on purpose?"

he frowned, shaking his head,"what were you guys talking about?"

i looked up at him, contemplating revealing the nature of our conversation. but it just wasn't my story to tell, and i can't betray the coach's trust.

"it's not my place to tell you, but i swear, it had nothing to do with being captain." i answered, hoping that would be enough to convince him.

he nodded slowly, scanning my face,"i believe you," i let out a breath of relief, but it was very short lived,"i just don't think charlie will."

i groaned and threw myself down, my back hitting the couch,"he's so stubborn."

adam shrugged,"that's kind of his thing, babe."

"i know, but," i sat up quickly, smiling brightly, realizing a small victory,"hey! i didn't get weird when you called me that."

he smiled and pecked my lips,"i'm proud of you."

"thank you, sir." i saluted him.

"and hey, just talk to charlie," he suggested, "i'm sure you two can work it out."

"i hope so."

i opened my door to let charlie in. i had asked him to come to my room, so i could explain what happened, and he reluctantly agreed.

he sighed,"scar, whatever you're about to say-"

"i'm sorry," i started, watching him walk in and sit on the couch,"i shouldn't have been so defensive, i get why you would think i stole the captain spot from you."

we had given each other time to cool down, and he no longer seemed as mad,"i probably shouldn't have accused you."

i smiled lightly and took a seat next to him,"it's okay, i get it. coach orion is kind of intense."

charlie laughed,"kind of?"

i chuckled, looking at the floor,"i don't know, my coach is seattle was way worse. guess it doesn't really faze me," i stared at him intensely for a second, knowing that wasn't the reason for his disdain,"but that's not why you don't like him."

charlie knit his brows together,"oh yeah? enlighten me."

i looked at him with suggesting eyes, knowing we both knew the answer to his question, "come on, charlie. it's because he's not bombay."

charlie rolled his eyes,"well, i'm not exactly a fan of him either."

"still." i said, tucking my hair behind my ear.

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