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charlie, russ, fulton and i walked into the lunchroom late. we had to stay after in history to get a lecture, because apparently,"history books are not hockey sticks and balled up paper are not hockey pucks."

russ sighed,"god, you two always get me into so much trouble."

i held my hand up, waiting for him to high five it,"worth it."

he narrowed his eyes at me,"i'm not high-fiving you for that."

i shrugged,"suit yourself."

we stopped in our tracks, watching as kenny was picked on by varsity, once again.

fulton nudged me,"scar, go work your magic."

i rolled my eyes,"i only did it that one time, and now they all know my game. it'll never work."

fulton grumbled,"i could maim that big goon. but with portman here, we could take em' all."

charlie smirked,"if they want lunch...we'll give em' lunch."

i looked up at him with confused eyes,"what are you talking about?"

"you'll see," he answered, looking at the boys, "you guys in?"

they nodded and we all left the lunch room.

we walked outside, sitting on the ledge outside of the horse stables, and i slowly started to piece together what was happening.

my face scrunched in disgust,"oh god, charlie, no."

he turned to me, smiling devilishly,"they left us no choice."

i stared at him for a second, eventually caving and giving in,"fine, but i'm not picking up any shit for you guys, okay?"

he nodded understandingly,"that's fair," he turned to the guys,"alright boys, let's dive in."

i gagged obnoxiously,"charlie, please."

he smirked,"make sure it's fresh."

"steam is a very good sign." fulton added.

i covered my mouth with my hand, wondering why they felt the need to do this. there were pranks way less gross, that they could pull off.

"very good." russ reiterated, jumping off the ledge with charlie and fulton.

we walked back into the cafeteria,right by the varsity boys, hoping they'd take the bait.

"scar," adam called me over. i looked at the boys apologetically and went to him,"where you been?"

i glanced nervously, waiting for cole to figure out what was happening,"we did a thing."

he looked at me quizzically,"you guys did a thing?"

i nodded, continuing to watch the scene, not bothering to look at adam,"yeah."

cole grabbed the bag, and charlie pouted,"oh come on, my mommy made me brownies."

adam grabbed my hand, trying to get my attention,"what'd you guys do?"

i pressed my lips together, deciding it'd be best if he found out when everyone else did,"you'll see soon enough, but you might wanna get up."

"babe, what are you-"

i turned to him hastily,"dude, trust me."

he nodded, still confused, but got up and stood behind me, watching intently.

cole smiled, pulling out the grass covered mess with his bare hands,"what kind of brownies are these?"

charlie could barely contain his laughter, as he clapped cole on the shoulders,"i gotta tell her to stop using horse turds in the recipe."

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