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we were moments away from the puck dropping, and my heart was in my throat. i didn't know what was in store, but i knew we would be ready.

i smiled at my team, standing in the doorway of the rink,"this is for hans."

i let them all skate by first, before joining the circle and touching my finger to the ice with them.

the announcer boy, started to explain what we were doing,"it appears they're paying homage to their departed friend and mentor: hans. it's a norwegian symbol of respect."

when we were done, i looked over and saw riley. he smirked at me and took something out of his pocket. it was my ring. he kissed it and held it up in the air.

i rolled my eyes and skated over to orion with the rest of the team.

"alright, let's go hunting for goose eggs, huh?" he instructed,"come on, hands in. on three quack. one two three-"

"quack quack quack quack quack." we all shouted.

"gooooooo ducks!" we ended and got into position.

"you're gonna wish like hell you'd stuck with us." riley told banks, as we got ready to play.

adam scoffed,"save the trash talk."

i went to adam's left, danny went to his right and as soon as the puck dropped, adam was shoved to the ground.

varsity stole the puck, but thankfully julie saved it.

they got the puck again, but goldberg used his skate to block riley's shot.

julie goes to get the puck, while everyone swarms her like vultures. the whistle is blown, and everyone backs away.

charlie got to center and shoved riley getting the puck. he passed it to me and i started to skate with it, only to be flipped over someone's back.

i groaned, as the figure stood over me.

cole shrugged simply,"should have stayed out."

i got up, spitting at him,"in your dreams, you shit head."

i watched as everyone swarmed to crowd fulton against the boards, so that he couldn't enforce.

another shot was made, but julie was too quick for it, and she saved us once again.

i skated by, smiling at her,"long live king julie!"

charlie got the puck, but was smashed against the boards by riley, and they passed it along, swarming to make another shot.

but julie just wouldn't let up. i got the rebound, shooting it as far away from the goal as i could, gearing something about how we could barely hang on from the announcer.

julie stopped to get some water, and i skated up to her, along with guy.

"you're doing great julie, i'm gonna kiss you if we win." i said causing her to laugh.

guy sighed,"these guys keep charging."

i shrugged, shaking my head at him,"we've gotta play a little defense."

i skated off to get the puck, only to get rammed into the boards. but they were gonna have to do more, if they wanted to take me down.

it was the beginning of the second period and we were all getting thrown for a loop. i had been checked, flipped, tripped, you name it. they were relentless.

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