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it had been an extra long summer, considering the fact that i had been away from the ducks for months. i didn't realize how much i would miss everyone.

especially adam. we had only gotten to kiss that one time on the ice. and while i was chalked full of commitment issues, i actually did miss the feeling.

i had managed to distract myself by getting into a summer theatre program. but summer was almost over, so now i was left alone to my own thoughts.

i laid on the couch with my dog, watching parks and recreation.

my mom walked into the scene, standing right in front of the tv,"can you go check the mail? i'm expecting a letter from the medical board."

i knit my eyebrows together,"are you gonna lose your certification?"

she laughed,"i sure hope not. it's about a clinical trial i want to start."

i nodded and got up,"alright, i'll be right back."

"thank you." she called out, taking my spot on the couch.

i saluted her and grabbed the keys off the hook. i made my way down to our mailbox, which sat at the end of the driveway.

when i opened it, i noticed a few envelopes and a strange, but official looking, big yellow envelope

i assumed it was the medical board, though i'm not sure why it was so thick.

i closed the mailbox and walked back inside, dropping the items on the counter, so i could look at them one at a time.

"is it here?" she asked excitedly, walking over to me.

i shrugged, flipping through the items,"bill, bill, credit card application, and," i grabbed the big envelope and read the address,"eden hall, edina, minnesota."

my mom knit her eyebrows together,"eden hall? what's that?"

i pressed my lips together,"i don't know, but it's addressed to me."

mom sighed,"well, fine. hopefully, i'll get my stupid confirmation soon."

she was practically kicking rocks as she walked away, and i laughed at her childishness.

for someone who's trying to make a groundbreaking medical discovery, she sure acts like a kid.

i shook my head and opened up the envelope, wondering why a school had decided to send me a letter. specifically, a school in minnesota. it was strange, to say the least.

when i was about to pull out the papers, there was a hasty knock at my door.

i stared at my mom, waiting for her to get up. she looked back at me expectingly,"aren't you gonna get that?"

i chuckled, throwing my hands up,"oh, where are my manners? it's not like i was doing something."

she shrugged,"i am doing something, i'm calling tom to see if he got the letter from the board."

tom was a neurosurgeon and a good friend of my moms. it was my understanding that they were going to do this trial together.

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