something else

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never in my life had practice run this smoothly. we had banksie, we had charlie's cooperation, everyone was listening to me as their captain, and life was going great.

we started our practice, with coach explaining varsity's skills,"alright, i've been doing my homework on varsity. i'm not gonna lie to you, they're good. the way they wiped your faces in the dirt the other day, was no fluke. so if you want your pride back you better be willing to work."

we then did a bunch of drills, all having to do with defense.

"they're vultures around the net. they pick up every piece of loose trash," orion knocked over a trash can he had brought onto the ice, causing me to look at him with wide eyes, "that's how they beat you. not with the first shot, with the second and the third. so if you wanna win; you're gonna have to pick up the trash."

"shit." i muttered, not looking forward to rooting through garbage.

after we were done with that, we went and rollerblading and picking up trash. then we got back on the ice. i stood next to coach, smiling about what was to come.

we had both made the decision that we were not warriors. we were something else.

"let's go! get over here, take a knee."

charlie looked at me with his eyebrows drawn together,"scar, what's going on?"

i shrugged, feigning annoyance,"you guys aren't skating like warriors. you look like something different."

they all shared confused looks, not sure where we were going with this.

coach opened the box,"you look like ducks," he grabbed a jersey,"robertson."

everyone cheered, happy that we had brought the ducks back.

once we all had our new jersey's adam skated up to me,"you did this?"

i shrugged, wishing i could take credit for this,"coach and i came to an agreement. it wasn't really my idea."

he smiled, leaning down to kiss me.

"ugh," coach groaned,"take is somewhere else, banks."

i laughed,"sorry, coach."

i stood in the costume room during dramatic arts, with my partner working on our period costume. we were assigned the 1700's, so i was wearing a corset and a pannier, over a shift.

i was the one who had to wear it, while she did measurements and lengths to make the fabric.

"scarlett," my teacher walked in, holding a slip,"you're wanted elsewhere."

i grabbed the note and looked down with confusion,"this says to go outside of the auditorium."

she shrugged,"i don't know, it came from the office."

i looked down at what i was wearing and groaned,"okay, sure."

my partner, amelia smiled awkwardly at me, "don't take that off, it'll take too long to put back on."

i looked at her incredulously. obviously, someone wanted to speak to me, and i didn't want them to see me like this.

"but-" i covered my chest with my hand, seeing as it was prominently displayed,"fine, but you're the cause of my public embarrassment."

she laughed,"i'm cool with that. try not to take too long, i still have a few more measurements."

i saluted her,"you got it."

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