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i sat on the couch with charlie while adam was at the doctors. practice had been cancelled for obvious reasons, and now we were just sitting there, twiddling our thumbs.

"so what do we do, char?" i turned to him, concerned about the state of our team,"we're short a player now."

charlie pressed his lips together, trying to think. i mean, really, what options did we have? there wasn't time to find and fly out another team member.

charlie's eyes lit up and i knew he had gotten an idea. 

he smiled,"come with me. i know just what to do."

he walked to the door slipping on his skates. i did the same and he led me all the way to russ tyler's neck of the woods.

i knew what his plan was, and i was impressed that he had thought of this. it was actually a pretty good solution.

he was in the middle of a game, but i knew it couldn't wait,"russ!"

he met my gaze and smiled,"scarlett, charlie! what's up?"

he skated over to us, resting his hands on the chain link fence that divided us.

i looked to charlie, waiting for him to explain, "basically, banksie got injured and now we're down a we want you to join."

he knit his eyebrows together,"what happened to adam?"

i sighed,"long story short, his wrist is fucked up."

russ nodded, but he still wasn't sure he wanted to be a part of our team,"i mean, can i have a day to think about it?"

charlie shrugged,"yeah, sure. we've gotta talk to coach about it anyways, i just had this idea and i figured it couldn't wait."

"cool, i'll let you guys know. thanks." russ smiled and skated off.

i nodded and turned away, leaving with charlie,"'s something, right?"

"he'll join," charlie said confidentially,"i'm sure of it."

i knit my eyebrows,"what makes you so sure?"

charlie let out a breath,"cause if he doesn't, we're screwed. we need adam, but if we can't have him, at least russ is a strong enough player."

i nodded, admitting,"adam is our best."

"i know." charlie sighed.

we were trying to replace banks, but i wasn't entirely sure that was possible. i mean, is there another adam banks out there? is there anyone that could even compare?

i frowned, hating myself for even saying this,"i know this is selfish, but it just sucks for us," i gave a little, still reasoning with myself, "obviously, it sucks for banks more. but i just can't help but wonder what this means for the team."

charlie bit his lip,"yeah, i was thinking about that too. we haven't won anything without adam."

i chuckled,"that does not make me feel better, conway."

he held his hands up in surrender,"i'm just saying."

when i walked back into the lounge, adam was sitting on the couch with his arm in a sling. i frowned, realizing it was pretty serious. charlie had decided to go to his room, remembering some neglected homework from before.

he looked up at us and i smiled sympathetically at the poor boy,"hey, adam."

"hey, scar." he replied, watching as i took a seat next to him.

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