Chapter 1: Arrival

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Agent 8 (Mike) P.O.V:

After beating the grueling Deepsea Metro challenges and defeating my inner hero, I was finally able to reach the so-called "Promised Land" the phone was talking about.

I took a step outside into Inkopolis Square and took it all in...The sunshine, the clean air. "Ahhh, this is great." I thought to myself. "I can't believe I'm the first one to make it here. It was totally worth it to through those challenges." I looked on over to the main part of the Square and saw the Inklings. A lot of them had a shocked face, while others had a confused or disgusted look. I could feel my face getting hot from all the attention. I could hear them saying different things about me. "What's an Octoling doing here?" "You don't belong here." "Go back where you belong." I let out a heavy sigh and went to go somewhere away where it wasn't as public. I tried to anyway.

A group of Inklings, four of them, walked up to me. A purple haired inkling holding a Roller on her shoulder, two other Inklings with Splat Dualies, and one more holding an Octo Brush. "What are YOU doing here?" The purple haired inkling sneered. "Shouldn't you be in Octo Canyon or something?" I could hear his friends chuckling in the back. I couldn't find words to respond. After all, I was scared every since I arrived. I didn't know anyone here on land or anything about here...

"So are you going to respond or not?" The purple haired inkling asked again. "Listen. You're 'evil' kind don't belong here." I looked down in anger. Just cause I was an Octoling, they all automatically assume that we're all bad? "I'm not evil." I muttered. He shrugged. "I don't care. Just get out of our way before we splat you." I once again responded. "You're not going to even if I didn't get out of your way." He got closer to me, obviously trying to intimidate me. "You think I won't?" He growled, now making a fist and standing right in front of me.

Now I was mad.

I made myself look taller and looked him into his eyes. "You. Won't." Right before we were about to fight, a green haired inkling girl stood in between us. "Stop it! Both of you!" We both have each other death stares and walked away in different directions. I was just heading to sit down for a bit, until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Agent 8?"

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